About Us

What we do

Most veterinary clinics use a computer system to record every aspect of their activity where each client and patient has its unique file. With the agreement of the registered clinics and the support of their practice management software providers, Vetstoria secures  safe access to the practice database.

Vetstoria leverages this database on behalf of the veterinary practice to produce IT products, each aimed at automating and improving a specific aspect of the communication between the vet and its clients:

  1. Online Booking:
    1. Allows the pet owners to access the practice schedule so they can book appointments 24/7
    2. Free the receptionists from the phone so that they can engage with the pet owners in the waiting room
  2. Pet Portal:
    1. Creates a personal website for each eligible client to give them access to their pet’s health care and medication schedule
    2. Comes complete with a mobile application and a communication module to allow online interaction between the practice and the pet owners
  3. Client Engagement Platform:
    1. Schedules educational and promotional messages to be sent on the practice behalf, automatically, and to the right pet owners
    2. This powerful method is designed to increase referrals, strengthen client loyalty and build the vet’s image as an authority


The Founding Team

Vetstoria was founded by Julien Poublon and Julien Renard in 2007, while they were both working as veterinarians in clinics just like yours and experienced first-hand the challenges you are facing now. The challenges facing the veterinary industry are not new, but they are becoming increasingly time sensitive. Their shared passion for customer care and concern of delivering the proper care within the industry constraints led them to create Vetstoria.


Julien Poublon DVM MRCVS

I have been working as a small animal vet in the UK from the moment I qualified in 2001. Especially over the past few years, I have increasingly taken note of recurring bad press about the veterinary profession. The common theme running among the criticisms of the industry is the communication gap that has been growing between vets and their clients.  Technology around us has surpassed the capabilities of the typical vet practice, leaving vets far behind both the pace and expectations of clients.



Julien Renard DVM MRCVS

I qualified in 2001, and after practising both small animal and equine medicine in France and Belgium, I have now settled in the UK. I strongly believe my patients get optimal treatment when the pet owner completely understands and adheres to the therapeutic plan.  Communication, both dynamic and flowing both ways between the client and their vet, is essential to delivering optimum pet healthcare.



Damjee Ediriweera PhD

I am a technologist and act as Vetstoria’s chief software architect.

I help clients understand technical aspects of implementing Vetstoria within their veterinary practices. I am also the main technical contact with our partners, ensuring smooth technical integration between Vetstoria and different practice management software.



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