Innovating the veterinary industry through technology

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About Us

Our company

Vetstoria is currently used by over 2000+ veterinary practices worldwide, catering to pet lovers globally. Pet owners are able to easily book appointments anytime and anywhere with their favorite vets using our software.


Vetstoria is a growth-oriented company. We believe that the growth of our team and customers’ businesses are the foundation for the growth of our company.


We focus on solving the unmet needs of our customers by trusting our people to solve those puzzles.

Helping veterinary practices improve operational efficiency and customer experience

Extended collaboration:

We encourage people at Vetstoria to collaborate within teams, and across departments within the company.

This allows us to be creative, empower each others’ strengths, build trust, solve problems, and take ownership of what we do.

Meet our team

Learning and growth:

We believe that knowledge is power. Each and every one of our teams, learns from another and shares unique knowledge across the business.

We focus on making Vetstoria a space where people can learn new things every day, get trained in interesting areas and relevant skills, and grow within the company to become leaders.

Our technology stack

Results matter:

We work towards producing the best appointment booking tool to make the vet appointment scheduling process simpler for pet owners worldwide.

The results our clients are accomplishing using our product is what tells us that we are already a leading SaaS company in the veterinary industry.

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Our Story

Vetstoria’s story started when two vets, both named Julien, met our tech-innovator Damjee in London, with whom they shared an instinctive entrepreneurial drive. The two Juliens saw a gap in veterinary technology from years of working on the front-line, particularly in how vet appointments were booked. Within just a few years, their vision became a reality – Vetstoria proved to be a huge hit.