Metrics that Matter to Your Veterinary Practice

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With an appointment scheduling platform like Vetstoria, what metrics should you use to measure the success of your practice? Revenue? Returning customers? Definitely.

But what are other important metrics you should measure?

Here are some metrics that you can start with to ensure that your veterinary practice is not only profitable but also understands pet owner behavior so you may build a sustainable practice.

Total number of appointments and total revenue

Counting your total number of appointments is a good way to measure total revenue and the time you’re spending providing animal care. An appointment scheduling platform like Vetstoria can view this on a weekly or monthly basis. The report also breaks out the total number of appointments based on the appointment types you have set up for your practice.

Total number of new clients

How many new clients are you getting? Based on our data, 45–50% of a growing clinic’s monthly clientele would be new clients, and 15% of an established practice’s monthly clientele would comprise new clients.

Staff shortages or seasonal workload may affect whether your clinic encourages new customers, but measuring new customers is a great way to measure the growth of your practice compared to other clinics. Vetstoria’s analytics can display both the total as well as new clients on a weekly or monthly basis, so you can monitor the growth of each.

Completion rate and dropouts

The completion rate helps you understand how many pet owners complete their booking. Having a good completion rate (i.e., at least 35%) means that fewer pet owners drop out as they schedule appointments. Vetstoria’s analytics helps you understand during which stage pet owners drop out, so you can ensure pet owners have a good experience.

💡 Pro tip from Kate Lamont, Customer Success Manager, Vetstoria

Reduce dropout rate and increase completion rate

  • Offer specific appointment types (e.g., nurse appointments, consultations with a vet, vaccinations for dogs or cats, etc.) to ensure pet owners book appointments correctly.
  • Create concise disclaimers with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Triage appointments using telemedicine.
  • Offer availability by using various customizations and rules available on Vetstoria.

Watch our webinar on maintaining control to offer better availability here.

Origin of appointments

How do you know which marketing and promotional channels are most effective for you? This varies from practice to practice, and pet owners may book appointments from multiple sources, such as direct links, social media, or any other promotions you run. This is a great way for you to measure your marketing or campaign ROI and invest more in the most successful channels.

Appointment origin
How Vetstoria shows your traffic sources

💡 Pro tip from Upendra Guneratne, Customer Success Manager, Vetstoria

Getting pet owners to book online

  • Ensure the online booking widget is clearly visible on the website.
  • Create awareness about online booking. Learn other ways to promote online booking here.
  • Integrate reminder links with the booking link for existing clients.
  • Add a telephone message that directs all clients (new and existing) to book online instead of remaining on hold. Get more sources here.

Appointments per vet and type 

Measure how many appointments are booked per vet per day to understand how the best vets or clinicians per appointment type should be scheduled. You can also measure how many appointments you are getting per type of appointment to determine which has more demand to allocate your resources effectively. 

Appointments per Vet on Vetstoria

Appointments booked after hours with an appointment scheduling software

This is a great way to understand how many appointments are booked after hours — and how much potential revenue you accumulate while you sleep!

Helping pet owners book appointments online and on any device 24/7 is a great way to ensure pet owner satisfaction at the start of their interaction with you. Practices that use Vetstoria record that at least 40% of their total appointments are booked outside of office hours. And, on average, at least 95% of each practice’s pet owners rate the online booking experience as satisfactory. An appointment scheduling software like Vetstoria helps you do that.

You can learn more about Vetstoria’s analytics capabilities here or book a demo to learn more about how we can help to increase the efficiency of your practice.