Monthly Appointments Round-Up: April 2021

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At Vetstoria, we’re thrilled to know we make a difference by helping veterinary teams reduce phone calls, save time and offer the convenience their customers expect. The 23,348 hours we helped veterinary practices save in April and great feedback like this 5 star Google review we recently received from Diana Bolt, Head Nurse of BeterBeest Dierenartsen, lets us know we’re doing the right thing!

We are a small clinic with just one vet and one vet tech, and it saves us so much time on the phone. We can now use that extra time to spend on our patients. It makes it easier for owners to schedule an appointment, and many appointments are made when we are closed, so in the evening or on weekends.

Lets take a deeper look at how else we helped veterinary clinics in April 2021:

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Total Admin Hours Saved

23,348 βŒ›

Practices using Vetstoria booked 280,178 vet appointments through the platform in April 2021 – the equivalent of 23,348 hours of valuable time for our industry colleagues that can be spent focusing on what really matters – delivering the best pet care!

We have used a conservative estimate of admin time of 5 mins per appointment (time on calls, coordinate appointments, taking payments, and sending reminders).

Number of New Clients Acquired

42,304 πŸ§‘

In April, veterinary practices using Vetstoria acquired 42,304 new pet-owner clients who booked their first appointments online.

Hours of Animal Care Provided

102,264 🐱

Our data shows that in April, veterinary practices using Vetstoria spent over 102,264 meaningful hours doing what matters most – providing quality care to pets. We saw an average appointment duration of 22 minutes spent per patient. What delights us more is learning that we helped our clients spend 102,264 hours of valuable time helping pets while saving 23,348 hours of admin time.

Appointments Booked Outside of Practice Hours

115,489 ⏲️

We identified that 115,489 appointments out of 280,178 booked in April were made after practice opening hours. This represents over 40% of the total appointments! It’s not a surprise, as millennials are now the largest segment of pet owners, with Gen Z ownership rising (and those guys love booking appointments at their own leisure πŸ˜›).

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Most Popular Veterinary Appointment Types

Vaccinations – 120,149 πŸ’‰

Castrations – 2,714 🐾

For cats – 79,289 🐱

For dogs – 191,205 🐢

Veterinary practices using Vetstoria further improved access to pet care in April! We saw 191,205 appointments booked for dogs and 79,289 for cats. Furthermore, we saw 120,149 appointments for vaccinations and 2,714 for castrations.

Different Species Helped

24 🐍 🐎 πŸ¦…

Through Vetstoria, veterinary practices accepted bookings for 24 different species of animal. From cats and dogs to horses, birds, and snakes, we saw hundreds of unique appointment types treated across multiple species – this just shows how customizable and versatile Vetstoria is. It really does work for any veterinary practice, regardless of how complex your booking process is! Being able to help any animal species when in need reminds us what we Vetstoria was made for.