Monthly Appointments Round-Up: May 2021

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Our clients are at the heart of what we do here at Vetstoria, and we love it when we can help them overcome burning issues like overloaded phone calls, lack of time, stress, and staff churn.

We ended the month of May with the satisfaction of helping our customers save 25,700 combined hours of admin time. The following quote from Kate, our Client Support Representative is one example of how dedicated we are to making lives better for veterinarians:

The fact that Vetstoria helps a veterinary clinic function more efficiently and take some stress out of people’s lives (that I know are already stressed enough) motivates me.

Let’s take a look at what other issues veterinary clinics managed to overcome in May 2021:

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Total Calls Avoided During Practice Hours

171,409 πŸ“ž

Veterinary practices accepted 308,410 online appointment bookings through Vetstoria in May, out of which 137,001 were made outside of practice hours, and 171,409 appointments during practice opening hours. That’s at least 171,409 fewer phone calls during practice hours that would have been made for those appointments in May!

Total Admin Hours Saved

25,700 βŒ›

Practices using Vetstoria saved a combined total of 25,700 hours of valuable time that can be spent focusing on providing the best pet care 🐢.

We have used a conservative estimate of admin time of 5 mins per appointment (time on calls, coordinate appointments, taking payments, and sending reminders).

The below 5-star google review we recently received from Siuna Reid, Vet & Owner of The Veterinary Health Centre, shows that they preferred to spend more time on personal pet and pet-owner care:

Vetstoria has helped to reduce the strain on reception, freeing them for that all-important personal call. Priceless.

Number of New Clients Acquired

43,883 πŸ§‘

How would you feel about accomodating more pet care while minimizing stress by reducing phone calls and saving time? In May, Vetstoria’s veterinary practice clients managed to do exactly that. They acquired 43,883 new pet-owner clients who booked their first appointments online without any extra phone calls at the reception.

Hours of Animal Care Provided

104,602 🐱

We identified that veterinary practices using Vetstoria spent over 104,602 meaningful hours doing what matters most in May – providing quality care to pets. We saw an average appointment duration of 20 minutes spent per patient. What delights us more is learning that we helped our clients provide over 2300 hours more pet care than we did in April!

Most Popular Veterinary Appointment Types

Injuries – 15,152 🩹

Vaccinations – 140,970 πŸ’‰

For cats – 86,949 🐱

For dogs – 211,944 🐢

Vetstoria customers booked various types of appointments again in May! We saw 15,152 appointments booked for injuries, which increased compared to April, indicating the reliability of online booking for a level of urgency. Furthermore, 140,970 appointments were booked for vaccinations. There were 211,944 appointments booked for dogs – the highest of all, and 86,949 for cats. We saw appointments booked for 24 different species along with cats and dogs, including horses, birds, rabbits, and snakes. 🐍