Monthly Appointments Round-Up: February 2021

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We’re almost a week into a new month, and that means one thing: time to look back at how Vetstoria helped our 3,000+ veterinary practice customers deliver better pet care with less stress.

So without further delay, let’s take a look at some highlights achieved in February 2021:

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Total Veterinary Appointments Booked

240,026 📅

Practices using Vetstoria booked 240,026 vet appointments through the platform in February 2021 – that’s over 20,000 hours of time-saved for our industry colleagues that can be spent focusing on what really matters – delivering the best pet care!

Number of New Clients Acquired

34,707 🧑

Within February, veterinary practices using Vetstoria acquired 34,707 new pet-owner clients who booked their first appointments online. This also means 34,707 additional new appointments that may have not been booked, boosting revenue for our happy users.

Hours of Animal Care Provided

87,249 🐱

Our results show that in February, veterinary practices using Vetstoria spent over 87,249 meaningful hours doing what matters most – providing quality care to pets. These hours are the total for the 240,026 appointments mentioned earlier based on appointment durations.

Here’s a clear indication of how a veterinary practice can spend ‘more time caring, less time booking.’

Appointments Booked Outside of Practice Hours

100,056 ⏲️

Out of the total appointments booked in February, 100,056 of them were booked outside of practice hours. That’s almost half of all appointments! What better indication to show that pet owners really do like to book appointments in their own time.

No more anxiously waiting until the morning to see if their beloved pet can be seen, and no more rush of calls in the morning for an already busy front desk. Win, win!

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Most Popular Veterinary Appointment Types

Vaccinations – 102,370 💉

Castrations – 2,385 🐾

For cats – 69,045 🐱

For dogs – 164,017 🐶

Veterinary practices using Vetstoria further improved access to pet health care last month! In February 2021, we saw 164,017 appointments booked for dogs, 69,045 for cats, 102,370 for vaccinations, and 2,385 for castrations. Other appointment types seen varied from grooming, sick visits, and nail trims, to arthritis injections, microchip inserts, euthanasia, and more.

Different Species Helped

23 🐍

Through Vetstoria, veterinary practices accepted bookings for 23 different species of animal. From cats and dogs to horses, birds, and snakes, we saw hundreds of unique appointment types treated across multiple species – this just shows how customizable and versatile Vetstoria is. It really does work for any veterinary practice, regardless of how complex your booking process is!

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