The Biggest Lesson Learned from COVID-19

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Long road to recovery

“We don’t like change”, practices often say

The COVID-19 crisis has proven that the “our way works just fine!” mentality that many veterinary practices hold needs some re-thinking. 

Practices that are unwilling to adapt to their challenges have suffered the consequences – furloughed employees, anxious pet owners, and lost revenue.

But some practices have thrived during this uncertain time. Why? They embraced technology and automation.

Vetstoria’s software suite played an important role in toughening these practices by giving them the agility they needed to mobilise the scarce resources due to COVID-19 restrictions.

By automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as taking appointment bookings or triaging patients over the phone, collecting payments, and manually confirming appointment requests, these practices achieved the following:

1. Made life easier for their admin teams – by reducing their already-intensive workload and enabling them to focus on providing the best customer experience.

2. Continued to support pet owners and animals – by leveraging technology such as online booking and telemedicine to provide care regardless of social distancing measures of staff limitations.

3. Maintained practice revenue – by opening additional revenue streams and adapting the way they serve pet owners – all facilitated by technology. 

Customer Spotlight: COVID-19 Success Stories

All Paws Veterinary Clinic

all paws ipad

All Paws Veterinary Clinic used Telemedicine to propel themselves into a better future during COVID-19 – much to the delight of pet owners and internal staff members.

Wylie Veterinary Centre

wylie header image png

UK-based Wylie Veterinary Centre adopted Vetstoria Telemedicine and within their first two weeks delivered 372 video consultations & generated over £14k ($18k) in additional revenue.

Center Veterinary Clinic

Center Veterinary Clinic Team

San Diego-based Center Veterinary Clinic started offering Telemedicine with Vetstoria, helping them completely fill up their appointment book and save time for their reception team.

How Vetstoria Helps (watch the video)

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With solutions including Real-time Online Booking, Telemedicine, Payments, Marketing and Analytics, Vetstoria enables significant improvements in revenue generation, team productivity, and pet-owner experience for veterinary practices.

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