Telemedicine with Vetstoria – A Contactless World No More

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London, UK (23 March 2020). Clients of Vetstoria have overwhelmingly chosen Telemedicine as their most required feature amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With a HUGE effort and incredibly fast turnaround, from today on, video consultations can be booked and hosted on Vetstoria without the need to download apps.

This will see over 2000+ practices that use Vetstoria for online booking extend their services to a much-needed territory – conducting vet consultations off-site.

Pet-owners can book video consultations online in real-time, or be invited to private consultation rooms on Vetstoria’s local platform. All appointments are synchronized into the practice management software with real-time writeback, enabling vets to work off-line, maximize the schedule and most importantly, offer pet-owners peace of mind should face-to-face consultations be made impossible due to social distancing and self-isolation.

“This is a very difficult time for our clients and a very stressful experience for all of us. We’ve worked very hard to support our clients and the battle is nowhere near finished. The disruption is likely to go on for weeks and months. However, I know Telemedicine will offer our clients a lot of immediate relief.”

Julien Renard
Julien Renard, CEO of Vetstoria.

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