Vetstoria Q2 Platform Update: New Client Form, Floating Button, and More

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TL: DR Pet owners find it challenging to locate your booking tool? Admins spending too much gathering new client details in the midst of answering a million phone calls? We’ve solved all of these with our new client form and the floating button. Get in touch with our team if you want help setting them up. Our product expert James Cooke explains it all in our webinar here.

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We shipped a lot of exciting features last quarter that we wanted to share with you. Missed our updates? No problem.

Introducing the all-new Floating Button

Floating Button Featured Image

Get more clients to your practice by enabling pet owners to locate your booking tool quickly.

With our floating button, you can now add a tool to your website, so as soon as pet owners land on your page – they will be able to locate it quickly.

You only need to enable this on the dashboard and embed the code, and you’re good to go.

If you’re a part of a veterinary practice group, the floating button can be added to multiple practices on a single account, making the implementation smooth.

Veterinary practices that have adopted the feature have seen an average increase of 20% in appointments booked online. Additionally, these practices have noticed a 15% increase in new pet owners and a 13% increase in appointments booked outside of practice opening hours.

Learn more about the Floating Button

The Vetstoria New Client Form

New Client Form Configuration Settings

We’re picturing your admin team having to make a follow-up phone call EVERY TIME a new pet owner books an appointment. And these days, we’re guessing the numbers have skyrocketed (Households in UK ‘buy 3.2 million pets in lockdown‘, 2021). Or they might be redirected to a 3rd party form which can still be inconvenient.

With the new client form, new pet owners can easily select the new client option and proceed with the booking, and the form to fill in additional details will appear after making the appointment.

Best of all – the details will be emailed to you, eliminating the need to make an extra call.

Learn more about the New Client Form

Upcoming PIMS integrations with RoboVet®

Vetstoria currently integrates with 26 veterinary practice management systems – more than any other veterinary platform. The latest integration to be released is with RoboVet® – providing seamless integration for veterinary practices using RoboVet® as their practice management system.

The integration works by syncing appointment data between Vetstoria and RoboVet® in real-time, with live appointment availability displayed on the practice website. Appointments booked on the website instantly populate on the RoboVet® calendar with no manual intervention needed. True automation, no double bookings.

Learn more about the PIMS integration here