Veterinary Telemedicine – 10 Companies That Provide the Service

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With the demand for veterinary telehealth increasing due to the need to retain staff and clients during the pandemic, telemedicine has seen a significant rise over the last 18 months due to the increase in pet ownership and companies starting their own telehealth services.

The benefits of using veterinary telemedicine at your practice are many, including less time in the waiting room, no transportation time, and reduced costs. It can also improve access to care and for people who may be geographically isolated.

For healthcare providers, it can increase patient satisfaction and reduce overhead expenses, which can be invested back into the business. Here’s a list of companies that provide the veterinary telemedicine service:

1. Vetstoria

The world’s largest veterinary online appointment booking software, Vetstoria can help with providing better care and has a number of features including booking veterinary telemedicine and paying online for appointments.

🟣 Suitable for: Independent veterinary practices, veterinary groups, and corporates

🟣 Region: Europe, America, Africa & Middle East, Asia-Pacific

🟣 Other Features: Real-time online appointment scheduling, reporting, and analytics, digital marketing, online payments,

🟣 Starting price: $228/month

🟣 Website:

Veterinary Telemedicine with Vetstoria: Learn More

2. GuardianVets

GuardianVets works as a virtual employee to streamline workflows which will boost client and staff happiness.

🟣 Suitable for: Practices wanting full-service curbside care or virtual employees

🟣 Region: USA & Canada

🟣 Features: Mobile app, remote staffing, daytime coverage, callback services, emergency services

🟣 Starting price: Not listed

🟣 Website:

3. VETbuddy

VETbuddy is a cloud-based software that is easy to use and full of the most up-to-date features required by veterinary practices.

🟣 Suitable for: Any size and type of practice

🟣 Region: Worldwide

🟣 Features: Loyalty program, EMR, reminders, equipment integration, inventory management, clinic website, client portal

🟣 Starting price: $75/month

🟣 Website:

4. Pawp

Pawp provides health, behavior, and nutrition advice to pet owners which helps practices that do not offer virtual services.

🟣 Suitable for: Practices that do not offer telemedicine services

🟣 Region: USA

🟣 Features: Unlimited video calls and texts, 24/7 service, no appointments or wait times

🟣 Starting price:  $19/month

🟣 Website:

5. Virtuwoof

Virtuwoof is a platform for easily accessible virtual visits that also gives a portion of each virtual visit fee to organizations and groups that support veterinary suicide prevention and help animals get the care they need.

🟣 Suitable for: Any practice looking for a simple telemedicine platform

🟣 Region: Not listed

🟣 Features: Virtual consults, video chats, visit transcript upload to PMS, two-way messaging, payments

🟣 Starting price: Not listed

🟣 Website:

6. Airvet

Airvet offers over 3,000 veterinarians who specialize in medical, behavioral, and nutritional advice.

🟣 Suitable for: Practices who do not offer telemedicine services

🟣 Region: USA & Canada

🟣 Features: Unlimited video visits and follow-ups, behavior and training experts, personalized diet and nutrition programs, support with insurance claims.

🟣 Starting price: $19.99/month

🟣 Website:

7. eVetPractice

eVetPractice is a cloud-based PMS that provides a pet owner portal and integrations with labs among its many features.

🟣 Suitable for: Hospitals or practices with 1 to 150 employees

🟣 Region: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific

🟣 Features: EMR, integrated inventory, lab systems, prescription management, accounting, and payment

🟣 Starting price: Tiered pricing starts at $250/month

🟣 Website:

8. ImproMed

ImproMed uses enhanced reporting, mobile applications, real-time analytics, inventory optimization, and paperless options to benefit veterinary practices.

🟣 Suitable for: Practices of every size

🟣 Region: USA & Canada

🟣 Features: Integrated inventory and prescription management, client communication, marketing tools, online scheduling, treatment plans, paperless workflows

🟣 Starting price: Not listed

🟣 Website:

9. VETport

VETport is currently being used in more than 20 countries and classifies itself as the pioneer in cloud-based PMS for veterinary clinics.

🟣 Suitable for: Practices of every size and type

🟣 Region: Worldwide, including the USA, New Zealand & Australia, United Kingdom, and India

🟣 Features: EMR, client and internal communication, online scheduling, inventory management, self-check-in, marketing, wellness plans

🟣 Starting price: Not listed

🟣 Website:

10. ClienTrax

ClienTrax is a leading PMS designed to be a user-friendly program for all practices.

🟣 Suitable for: Any size and type of practice

🟣 Region: Not listed

🟣 Features: Online scheduling, imaging, preventive care plan, payment processing, inventory management, EMR, mobile app, integrated lab, reminders

🟣 Starting price: Not listed

🟣 Website:


Veterinary software will evolve as time goes on and will adapt to fit the needs of the practice. There are many providers of telemedicine services, but if you wish to implement veterinary telemedicine into your practice, you need to determine the software that will work best for you by deciding on the features you need and scheduling downloads with the company. If it’s the right fit for you, you will see the difference in improved efficiency, workflows, and will result in happier pet owners, staff, and the pets themselves.