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PAZ Veterinary acquires 1,301 new clients in 13 months with Vetstoria



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Generated through Vetstoria from July 2018 to August 2019

Frustrated with an outdated and manual "request an appointment" system, Paz Veterinary sought to improve their online experience for clients by enabling real-time online appointment booking.


Paz Veterinary had implemented an appointment request system on their website.

This enabled clients to submit a form and request a specific time for an appointment online. An email with the request would then automatically be sent to the reception team who then cross-referenced against availability in the practice management system, and manually confirmed and communicated to their clients.

However, this approach (as with all appointment request systems) had two major flaws.

  1. As most appointment request systems require a login to proceed, completion rates suffered due to the amount of time it takes to request an appointment.
          • Paz Veterinary actually removed the login barrier and allowed website visitors to request appointments without having to log in. However, use of the form was minimal as the page was not highly visible and user experience was not optimized.


  2. As appointment requests needed to be manually confirmed by the practice team, there was a risk that by the time the appointment request was reviewed, the time slot was no longer available.

This is not to mention the additional admin effort required to manually cross-reference appointment requests with availability within the practice management system, and further communicate availability to clients.

“We had a ‘Request an Appointment’ form on our website, which was outdated and ineffective. We wanted to improve our customer journey and allow clients to seamlessly schedule appointments both during and outside business hours.”

Andrew Luna, Director of Business Development, PAZ Veterinary


Paz Veterinary searched for an online appointment booking solution that was compatible with their Practice Management System (PIMS) and would enable clients to book outside of business hours.

They quickly determined that Vetstoria was an ideal fit due to its ability to communicate with the PIMS schedule to allow real-time appointment booking, its user interface and experience (UI/UX), and built-in performance tracking analytics.

paz phone and screen shadow
Vetstoria on phone and Vetter on monitor - seamless integration in the background

Implementing Vetstoria

Vetstoria’s onboarding team worked closely with Paz Veterinary to integrate Vetstoria with their PIMS, Vetter, to ensure seamless syncronisation of data between the two systems.

The dedicated onboarding team also assisted with the configuration and implementation of the platform on their website, ensuring best practice and maximizing potential performance.

“Implementation was relatively simple. We set up our platform and customized it to suit our unique needs. For example, we made new appointments bright red on the calendar to easily alert receptionists and remind them to confirm we had necessary info for new clients.”

Andrew Luna, Director of Business Development, PAZ Veterinary

PAZ Veterinary placed a “Book an Appointment” button in a prominent position on their website, maximizing the potential of their implementation of Vetstoria.

paz vet screenshot

They also promoted a direct link to “Book an Appointment” via social media, including Facebook and Instagram, and a direct link to book from their Google my Business profile.

By making timely promotions, PAZ vet effectively pushes digital marketing in a direction that would generate more footfall. A pre-determined booking link is able to director website visitors or social media followers to the booking platform which only displays quieter times.

paz google facebook instagram boooking
The appointment booking platform is integrated with Google My Business, Facebook and other social media platforms.


New client acquisition (and revenue) goes through the roof

By offering Vetstoria-powered real-time appointment booking on their website, Paz Veterinary essentially opened their practices up 24/7, increasing the pool of new clients they could acquire.

1,301 new clients booked appointments with Paz Veterinary through Vetstoria between July 2018 and August 2019 (the equivalent of $538,614 in additional annual revenue* and $3,770,298 in estimated lifetime revenue**).

How we calculate annual and lifetime revenue

* Annual revenue = Number of new clients booked through Vetstoria (1,301) x Paz Veterinary’s average transaction value ($180) x average veterinary visits per year, per household (2.3*).

** Estimated lifetime revenue = Number of new clients booked through Vetstoria (1,301) x Paz Veterinary’s average transaction value ($180) x average veterinary visits per year, per household (2.3*) x customer’s average lifespan (7-years).

* American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook 2017-18

“People will research new vet clinics online, but may be reluctant to make a phone call, or are researching practices out of hours. Having the ability to seamlessly book an appointment online, even outside of business hours, has definitely helped us acquire new clients.”

Andrew Luna, Director of Business Development, PAZ Veterinary

paz vet family photo png

Improving the appointment booking experience internally (and externally)

Since implementing Vetstoria, the Paz Veterinary team has not only benefitted through additional revenue and customer acquisition, but internal productivity.

As more appointments are booked online, call volumes have decreased, enabling the front-desk team to focus on providing a more attentive in-person service.

“By reducing call volume, Vetstoria definitely helps us improve service to clients currently in the office.”

Andrew Luna, Director of Business Development, PAZ Veterinary

The positive impact has also been felt by existing Paz Vet clients, who have taken to the convienience of online appointment booking with no hesitation.

“We’ve had over 3,000 bookings through the platform, so I’d say it’s been well-adopted! As people are on mobile devices more and more, it’s starting to become an expectation to book online from any device. I’m sure our clients appreciate that we have the convenience of online booking functionality.”

Andrew Luna, Director of Business Development, PAZ Veterinary

Since implementing Vetstoria, PAZ Veterinary has been growing steadily and awarded Austin’s Best Vet for two straight years. They are opening a new “West” location in May 2020 and will be leveraging the power of Vetstoria to build their client base.

“Vetstoria has been a very useful platform for our business. It has definitely helped us grow and has been incredibly valuable during a time of rapid growth. The team at Vetstoria has been communicative, collaborative, and kind. I would recommend that every vet practice compatible with Vetstoria uses Vetstoria. It does what we need it to do and it does it well. I don’t know why you wouldn’t use it.”

Andrew Luna, Director of Business Development, PAZ Veterinary


Founded in 2011 by Dr. Nicholas Vaughan, PAZ Veterinary is a rapidly-growing group of veterinary practices based in Austin, Texas.


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