Engineering at Vetstoria

We believe in providing a totally immersive environment for all our engineers. You will see the full spectrum in the lifecycle of software product development – from requirement assemblage to delightful client feedback

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At Vetstoria We Use The Following Tech Stack to Develop Our Software

Code backends in:

Java Script - Vetstoria

Code frontends in:

Store data in:

Test using:

CI/CD using:

Runs on:

Provision infrastructure with:


Log nalysis and monitor with:

Visualize business intelligence information on:

Automatically invoice using:

Process payments automatically on:

Communicate through:

Build AI with:

Design and prototype on:

and we integrate with many leading veterinary ERP solutions

Training at Vetstoria

Training is a big part of the life of all our engineers. We do both formal and informal training regularly to keep everyone up to date and excited for new challenges.


How We Plan at Vetstoria:

Agile with Scrum, the right way

Fine-tune requirements in Design Sprints

Work With Individual Mentors

Each engineer gets a mentor/coach assigned to work closely in the day-to-day activities and help them become the best version of themselves.


The Software Tools We Use to Manage Work, Communicate and Collaborate

A diverse, globally distributed team


We champion the diversity of thoughts because we want unique ideas, to face the challenges

Meet the team
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Join the team behind the world’s greatest veterinary appointment scheduling platform