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Learn the art of Agile Planning and User Story Estimating

Tuesday 22nd December 2020 | 6PM - 8PM IST | 2 Hrs

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About the webinar:

Agile Estimation is a key aspect of agile planning; it is paramount that all team members learn the effective ways of estimating so that their planning becomes effective. On the other hand, agile planning must be adaptive and iterative, and therefore, the estimation practices should be flexible enough to adapt to such changes.

During this webinar, we will discuss various estimation tools and techniques and help you find answers to the following planning challenges:

  • You tend to struggle to make accurate predictions, and you either feel it’s impossible to achieve or estimates are excessive.
  • Your stakeholders want you to estimate time, scope, and cost even when requirements are vague.
  • Management pushes back on your estimates and demands that your team can complete more work.
  • Too much time is spent on planning meetings at the cost of building something.

You'll Learn:

  • The difference between traditional planning and the Agile way
  • How to create vertical stories that can be fully delivered
  • The agile estimating and planning techniques that can be applied during your sprint planning and release planning sessions
  • The most popular Agile estimating tools 
  • Planning Essentials and Story Point Estimation
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Niroshan Madampitige

Niroshan Madampitige

Head of Projects


Working within highly diverse cultures over the past twelve years, in global corporate giants such as Pearson, HSBC, and fast-growing Netherlands-based tech scale-ups, Niroshan brings his expertise in developing Vetstoria’s agile delivery and agile transformation strategy, product development, and team building. He also contributes to delivering high-profile projects, optimizing delivery strategies, and agile transformation strategies.

Rakitha Wedaaracchi

Rakitha Wedaaracchi

Product Lead


A skilled IT Business Analyst with 5 years of experience in the IT industry, Rakita currently manages the product backlog, prioritizes product feature releases based on a value curve, owns product initiatives, and acts as the product lead in developing solutions. He is further involved in liaising with stakeholders and the product owner to prepare requirements and finalize the scope.

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