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The Importance of Practicing DevOps Framework in Your Organisation

Tuesday 20th April 2021 | 6 PM IST | 1 Hrs

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About the webinar:

The word DevOps does not have a very well-defined meaning. When asked to explain, most people go with something like “it is development and operations coming together to deliver software faster”. This vagueness has a lot of people confused trying to figure out where DevOps starts, where it ends, and whom and how it is affecting an organization. There are also people concerned about what will happen to their jobs once their organizations adopt DevOps.

Though shrouded in mystery, there is a lot more to DevOps than just development and operations. In this webinar, we are going to answer some of these concerns and also show you how we are adapting DevOps to the software development and delivery process at Vetstoria.

You'll Learn:

  • What DevOps is
  • Real benefits of practising DevOps framework in an organization
  • Skills that are required for a DevOps engineer
  • Challenges of forming a DevOps team
  • Tips and tricks to overcome challenges facing when practising / forming a DevOps team
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Lahiru Samaraweera

Senior Software Engineer


Lahiru is one of the primary engineers driving the DevOps adaptation in Vetstoria. Since joining in 2017, to date, he is also actively involved in the development of many major features and sub-modules that powers the Vetstoria software solution.

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