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Live Webinar:

STOP Letting a Valuable Team Member Collect Dust: Leverage Your Website to Reduce Stress and Streamline Your Business

Wed Apr 13th - 1pm PDT (Los Angeles) | 30 mins

Your website is a part of your team – it should increase your practice efficiency and elevate your operations. In this value-packed discussion, we’ll demonstrate how digitizing your business model through proven tools will lead to less stress for your team and more convenience for your clients.

You'll learn how to:

  • Garner qualified clients and reduce redundant phone calls
  • Streamline communications & modernize the care process
  • Automate recruiting of qualified professionals to your team



Cassandra Parsons

Director of Client Experience


Cassandra Parsons is the Director of Client Experience at ViziSites, a Digital Marketing Agency focused on providing small businesses with marketing, branding, and consulting that fits their unique business plan. She is a passionate business & marketing professional, educating the veterinary industry on how to harness the power of modern technology in their practice in a stress-free way.

With over a decade of experience in client service and marketing, and 7 years specific to the veterinary industry, Cassandra has honed in on how businesses can be most effective with their time spent on business and marketing goals. Outside of work, Cassandra spends most of her time caring for a fledgling homestead with her husband and 3 dogs, visiting family, or in the kitchen cooking. She’d love to chat with you on all things business, pets, food, or wine!


Nate Zhang

Nate Zhang

Strategic Partnerships


Nate Zhang is the partnerships manager at Vetstoria who has been responsible for matching veterinary practices with their technological needs since 2019. His day-to-day involves a lot of communication with practice owners, veterinary tech startups and influencers across Europe, North America and APAC, aiming at solving problems as a collective.

He is in a unique position to understand the cultural nuances, market maturity and a huge range of products and services that are available internationally.

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