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How to Improve Your Pet Owner Experience With Online Booking (Includes Live Demonstrations)

Recorded Wednesday 31st March 2021 | 7 PM GMT | 1 Hr

Talk summary:

With COVID-19 presenting challenges, such as new rules, furloughed staff, and a sharp rise in pet ownership, veterinary teams are busier than ever.

Unfortunately, this means less time for your team to spend nurturing valuable relationships with your loyal customers and negatively impacting the pet owner experience.

This is worth considering since your existing customer-base are your biggest ambassadors as well as your biggest critics. In fact, 96% of dissatisfied customers won’t complain to you but will tell 15 people on average. Hence, veterinary practices must maintain focus on providing an outstanding experience for pet owners.

During the webinar, our Business Development Manager, Edel Burke (RVN), will explain why pet owner experience is so important for veterinary practices, touching on pet owner trends witnessed in the past 12-months and outlining what today’s pet owners expect from your practice.

She will then walk through how the Vetstoria online booking platform can enhance your customer service whilst saving hours for your team. She will also have two Vetstoria clients, Dr. David Hodges, Vet, and Owner of Stellar Vets, and Sarah Bennett (RVN), Practice Manager at The Vet Clinic, joining her to share their experiences of how Vetstoria helps them improve their customer service.

Moreover, the webinar will end with a Q&A session where you can ask any questions you may have.

You'll learn:

  • Why a great pet owner experience is essential for your practice
  • Pet owner trends in 2021
  • What today's pet owners expect from a practice
  • How online booking improves customer service (with real-life examples)
  • What practice teams using Vetstoria think about online booking

Speakers (Vetstoria Customers):

David_Stellar Vets_Vetstoria

Dr. David Hodges

Vet & Owner

Stellar Vets

David qualified from Cambridge University Veterinary School in 1991 and has specialised in companion animals from the start of his career. He loves being a vet and wants to give importance to personal service when it comes to his clients.

He founded Stellar Vets in the UK, which aims to be friendly with great care at sensible prices. They currently use Vetstoria to allow their clients to feel more in control – meaning no more engaged phone lines and the ability to book appointments when convenient for them, not just when the clinic is open.

Sarah Bennett (RVN) Practice Manager at The Vet Clinic

Sarah Bennett (RVN)

Practice Manager

The Vet Clinic

Sarah Bennett was a veterinary nurse for 21-years and a pet owner for over 30-years. She was first introduced to Vetstoria through the veterinary practice that treated her pets and was impressed by the convenience offered to her as a pet owner.

She introduced Vetstoria to The Vet Clinic when she joined as the Practice Manager. Vetstoria helps them lower their phone traffic and allows clients to book appointments at their own convenience.


Vetstoria Demo Webinar Speaker - Edel

Edel Burke (RVN)

Business Development Manager


Edel Burke (RVN) is a Business Development Manager at Vetstoria, responsible for helping veterinary practices on a day-to-day basis. A Registered Veterinary Nurse and former practice manager, Edel has over 10-years’ experience working within the practice environment and understands the challenges faced by practice teams.