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Veterinary Employee Happiness Survey Template

Easily measure employee happiness within your practice and begin to improve staff morale, performance, and retention with this free survey template.

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This survey template pack includes:

  • A guide to using the survey template
  • Google Forms survey template
  • Editable and printable Google Docs template
  • Printable PDF survey template
  • Overall happiness scoring formula

Why you need to improve practice employee happiness:

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A positive practice environment with satisfied employees usually leads to increased employee loyalty and retention. Happy employees care for the practice by embracing the practice’s goals as their own and achieving them.

Unhappiness and stress at work can lead to burnout and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Although most veterinary practice owners and employees are not driven by money but rather a passion for animal care, practices are still businesses that need to profit. Therefore, improving happiness is a great way to boost business performance.

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Conducting an employee happiness survey is a great start to retaining your practice employees and maximizing revenue.