Cookie Policy

To make our website and the online services we provide, useful and reliable, we need to place small amounts of information called cookies on your computer, mobile phone or other device used to access the internet.

Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, enabling you to use services you have specifically asked for and remembering your preferences. They also give website operators useful, personal and non-personal information about how you use a website, which will be processed based on our Privacy Policy. Cookies can be used to carry out administrative tasks and to help us improve the functionalities and features of the Website, including for our own analytics and marketing purposes. You can find more information about cookies at about-cookies.

We use cookies to:

  1. Identify and authenticate you when you log on to our website. 
  2. Collect anonymous information on the pages visited. This is using Google Analytics. 
  3. Remember choices you make (such as when you select the ‘keep me logged’ option when signing in to our website). 

By using our website, and subject to applicable laws relating to consent, you consent that we may store and access cookies on your device.

It is possible to turn off your cookies through your website browser settings, after cookies are stored, however this will affect the functionality and experience of our site. Please see the help section of your website browser to learn how to turn your cookie settings off.

PHPSESSID – Essential

This cookie helps us preserve user session state across page requests. This is used by us to identify you when you are signed in to our website, and to remember your choices.

_clsk, last_pys_landing _page, last_pysTrafficSource, pys_start_session, pysTrafficSource, pys_first_visit, pys_landing _page, pys_session_limit, nitropack – Essential

These Cookies are used to record session information for navigation in the website and load balancing.

ga, _ga_<container-id>, _gid, _gcl_au – Performance

Google Analytics is used by us to collect information on how visitors use our Site, which pages are most frequently visited and record if advertising is effective or not. Please visit Google Privacy Policy for details. If you want to opt out of Google Analytics for all sites, you can download an addon for your browser.

ajs_group_id, ajs_user_id, ajs_anonymous_id – Performance

These cookies are from Atlassian Jira Servicedesk. This helps track visitor usage, events, target marketing, and can also measure application performance and stability. Also used for Analytics and help count how many people visit a certain site by tracking if you have visited before.

hs_initial_opt_in, _hs_opt_out, _hssc, hubsotutk, _hstc, _hssrc, mesagesUtk

These Cookies will collect information regarding opting in and out from our Privacy Policy, information regarding session tracking, information regarding visitor identity, information regarding visitor tracking, restarting browsers and Information regarding browsers used.

uncode_privacy[consent_types] – Privacy

This Cookie helps with the management of user cookie preferences, provides transparency about the types of cookies we use, and enables the user to exercise control over personal data.

_omappvs, _omappvp, omSeen-{id}, ln_or, _fbp – Marketing

These Cookies will track users for targeting to assist us in marketing campaigns.