The best way to gain visibility of schedules across your portfolio!

Vetstoria’s Fill Rate platform is designed to give you visibility over all of the hospitals and doctors in your portfolio. With just a click, it will give you an overview of past appointments and future availability to make smart scheduling decisions and promote the right hospital at the right time.

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What does the Fill Rate platform show you?

There are many useful metrics you can unpack! Here are a few.

How does adding Fill Rate help your veterinary group?

     See data across all practices in real-time

Easily view your portfolio’s used capacity, availability rate, same day appointment rate and other data while integrating with your PIMS.

    Increase retention in your teams

Identify consistently busy hospitals and doctors, tailor support, and prioritize recruitment accordingly.

   Direct and optimize marketing spend

Pinpoint your spend to those hospitals who can handle the extra pet owners you’re working so hard to attract.

Want to see how it could work for your vet group?

Setting it up is easy. If you’re already using Vetstoria, each practice only needs to spend 30 mins with our team to review and validate the data.