Say goodbye to no-shows and improve client compliance

Pet owners, especially new pet owners, like to shop around before picking a vet or practice they like. Reduce no-shows at your practice and increase pet owner compliance with Vetstoria’s online payments and reminders features.

Reduce no-shows with Vetstoria

Over 6000 practices globally use Vetstoria to reduce calls and provide great pet owner experiences

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Over 5000 practices trust Vetstoria to provide great booking experiences for their customers

Vetstoria Pay payments screen

Online and in-clinic payments to the rescue

Whether at the front desk, over the phone, or online, Vetstoria Pay streamlines transactions to make them smoother and more cost-effective with market-leading rates

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Automate reminders and confirmations

Set up automated emails to confirm appointments as soon as pet owners book. You can also send pet owners reminder links, ensuring they make it to the appointment on time.

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Appointment reminders
Appointment Screening

Make it easy to triage appointments

With appointment screening, you can set up trigger words that prompt actions from pet owners during the online booking process. Whether pet owners will be prompted to call the practice directly for surgery or informed that their pet may be experiencing an emergency, our online booking platform helps your team save time by automatically prompting pet owners to act.

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Communicate important information to pet owners via disclaimers

Set up customized disclaimer messages to appear at the start of the pet owners booking journey to share details on procedures, prepping for the appointment, rules and regulations and COVID related restrictions at your practice.

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