Reporting and Analytics

Powerful data and statistics for easy decision making

How did your practice do in the last week or month? See how your clients are booking, learn exactly how to allocate resources, and measure your growth with powerful reports at your fingertips using the Reports and Analytics feature.

Reporting and Analytics with Vetstoria

Over 6000 practices globally use Vetstoria to reduce calls and provide great pet owner experiences

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Over 5000 practices trust Vetstoria to provide great booking experiences for their customers

Gain clear insights to keep your practice running smoothly


Optimize business operations with meaningful data

Discover how clients engage with your practice. Learn how to be more efficient during your busiest hours and allocate resources to improve service and grow faster.


Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

Connect your campaigns with Vetstoria's built-in analytics to measure which campaigns and advertising channels perform best and identify areas for optimization.

Appointment Analytics

See how your practice compares to others

Anonymously compare your practice booking performance against others using Vetstoria. Learn where you excel and understand what you need to do to improve.

Measure. Analyze. Optimize.

Third-party analytics connection

Setting it up

Link your practice website to Vetstoria with Google analytics to see the full journey that your clients take from engaging with your online campaigns and visiting your website through to booking an appointment.

Comprehensive appointment analytics

Comprehensive view of appointment analytics

Once you log in, you get a quick view of the total number of appointments, the total value, and new clients. Dig deeper to learn how pet owners found your practice, the most active dates and times for bookings, the number of appointments per procedure type or per clinician, and other valuable statistics for your practice.

Drop out analysis

Drop out analysis

See which steps of the booking process pet owners typically drop out at, segmenting by device, origin, or client type. Use insights to optimize availability and enhance the booking experience for your clients.

Practice benchmarking


Compare your performance anonymously with other practices using Vetstoria. Use these insights to motivate your team and project future growth.

Marketing campaign analytics

Marketing campaigns

Use the power of our analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, conversions, and new clients you are bringing into your practice. Learn more about our digital marketing capabilities here.

Helping veterinary teams access insights that help them grow and stay efficient

Emily Arnold

"Before Vetstoria, we were trying to manually figure out client conversion data but now we can just log into the dashboard and see how a campaign performed by looking at how many appointments were booked, if people are dropping off and how we can optimize future campaigns."

Emily Arnold, Senior Director - Marketing, Lakefield Veterinary Group

Customer Story

Lakefield Veterinary Group enhances marketing & operational efficiency with Vetstoria