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Vetstoria gives you the tools to run your practice more efficiently, improve client satisfaction, and accelerate growth.

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Automated Appointment Scheduling

Reduce phone calls and save admin time

Vetstoria automates the time-consuming parts of the appointment scheduling process. Set it up once, install it on your site, then wave goodbye to scheduling headaches! 👋


Advanced Customization

Precisely control how bookings are made by configuring Vetstoria to match your exact requirements.


Website Plugins

Easily add Vetstoria to your site to let customers schedule appointments online 24/7. Customize the look and feel to match your brand.


Smart Triage

Display custom messages or prevent certain appointments from being scheduled based on intelligent triggers.


Booking Disclaimers

Present essential information to clients during the appointment scheduling process with a custom disclaimer.

Auto confirmation

Automatic Confirmations

Automatically confirm appointments and send out instant email notifications with all the details.


Email Reminders

Reduce no-shows by sending customized automated email reminders for upcoming appointments.

Secure Online Payments

Take online payments in advance & eliminate potential no-shows

Accept debit or credit card payments or pre-authorizations during the appointment booking process to reduce no-shows, eliminate bad debts and save time.


Flexible Payment Types

Capture full payment or pre-authorize a set amount from the client’s card before confirming their booking.

Payment Rules

Smart Payment Rules

Take full control over what clients pay with flexible rules based on appointment or client types.

Transaction Lists

Transaction Reports

Easily access and export a list of the transactions that have taken place through Vetstoria.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain clear insights to keep your practice running smoothly

See how your clients are booking, know exactly how to allocate resources, and measure your growth with powerful reports at your fingertips.

Appointment Analytics

Appointment Analytics

Learn how your clients are booking (including popular times, appointment types, vets, species, devices and more).



Anonymously compare performance against others using Vetstoria. Learn where you excel and can improve.

Dropout Analysis

Dropout Analysis

See which steps of the booking process pet owners typically drop out at, segmenting by device, origin, or client type.

Digital Marketing

Acquire more new clients online and retain existing ones

Create highly targeted campaigns that drive bookings and help promote your practice. Measure performance and optimize to improve marketing efficiency.


Campaign Builder

Create booking campaigns, each with unique scheduling rules/restrictions set by you.

Smart Link-01

Smart Links

Extend the reach of your campaigns by sharing unique booking links in emails, SMS, social profiles, or webchat.


Campaign Analytics

See how many appointments and new clients are generated from each campaign and which channels are most effective.


Stay connected with pet owners & provide virtual care without the stress

Provide easy access to pet care and save time for your team by offering integrated and secure video consultations through Vetstoria.


Calendar Integration

Accept telemedicine bookings through your site, and sync availability with your existing calendar in real-time.


No App Downloads

Host safe and secure video consultations on any device, with no apps to download or software to install.


Seamless Payments

Set your own consultation fees and prompt your clients to pay online when booking telemedicine appointments.

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24/7 support

Friendly, fast & knowledgeable help

Our friendly, knowledgeable team (most are former veterinary nurses and technicians, so they understand your challenges) will make sure you always have the assistance you need. They’ll help you get started with Vetstoria and, once live, work with you to get the most out of the platform.


Sync appointments with your existing calendar in real-time

Connect Vetstoria with your existing practice management system to allow pet parents to book appointments from your website straight into your practice calendar. Real-time updates and no double bookings.

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