The first stage of our process is to run you through a demo of our platform. Click on the ‘Book A Demo’ button to book a suitable time with one of our product experts.

We operate an all-inclusive fixed monthly subscription dependent on the size of your clinic. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

Vetstoria works on a monthly basis – and you can opt-out at any time.

No. Vetstoria updates your calendars in real-time. If two pet-owners are attempting to book the same appointment slot at the same time, the user completing the process first will secure the appointment. The second user will be shown a message explaining that the selected slot is no longer available.

Appointments are booked real-time and appear immediately in the practice management software.

Appointments booked online can be re-scheduled or removed from your software exactly as if they had been booked over the phone or at the front desk.

We offer over 80 different customization options, we can discuss your requirements and showcase how it can be accommodated via an online demonstration. Please click here to schedule a demo.

No, we do not recommend to create a specific diary for online booking. The appointments booked online should go into your existing diary.

Instantaneously, the synchronization with your software in real-time. This means any changes you make in your software will apply immediately in your online booking tool. For instance, if a veterinarian is off sick, simply update your system and the online scheduler will update itself immediately.

Vetstoria will start working seamlessly with your practice management software without disturbing your front desk for web bookings. The training of the clinic front desk staff is very simple as they will continue using the clinic software as usual. There is no need to access Vetstoria as our software works behind the scenes of the clinic software.

We will do comprehensive internal testing of your account and when we are happy that your setup requirements are matched, we will request the clinic to do a round of subsequent testing. The clinic will only make the tool available to their clients is satisfied the specific requirements are met.