Your Vetstoria champion: Who should it be? What will they do?

Veterinary Practice Owners & Managers

The ‘Vetstoria Champion’ is the contact at your practice that will engage with Vetstoria during the onboarding process. They will be the key point of contact for all things Vetstoria in your practice. We recommend appointing at least two Vetstoria champions so one can take over in the event the other is on holiday.

What qualities make a good Vetstoria Champion?

  • Time – The champion will be able to provide 3-hours of their time over the 2 weeks scheduled for the implementation
  • Access to the PIMS and ability to test
  • Understanding and knowledge of the scheduling process at the clinic. A few examples include: appointment types and their duration, schedule by room versus doctor

The main tasks the Champion will help Vetstoria with are:

  • Helping Vetstoria obtain the API connection of the practice management system (PMS)
  • Setting up of the PMS integration
  • Testing the platform
  • Participation in the testing call
  • Providing screenshots or screen share calls when issues need troubleshooting
  • Getting trained on how to use the admin platform via Walkme and the optimization call
  • Facilitating the integration

Ideal choice for Vetstoria Champion will be:

  • A member of the receptionist or nursing (technician) team
  • Junior and/or without responsibilities
  • Interested in Technology (not mandatory but a plus): Is there a staff member looking after the website? Who looks after the Facebook profile? Who does the rota in the PIMS? This person may be the best candidate.

Vetstoria Customer Onboarding Process:

  • Kick-Off Call – 30 Minutes
    Vetstoria sets onboarding expectations for your practice, including an outline of the time your champion will need to allocate to the onboarding process. We’ll also ask questions to learn more about your practice and process, explain available support channels, and define your goals.

  • Testing Call – 1-Hour
    We’ll go through the testing checklist with your champion. If there are any changes, we’ll complete these for you, and where necessary, show how these can be made or how the champion can utilize support channels to help them with this. If testing is successful and no changes are required, we’ll schedule the Pre-Launch Call.

  • Pre-Launch Call – 45-Minutes
    We’ll go through the account at a higher level (with Q&A), and make any final tweaks before launch. We’ll also take the opportunity to educate your champion on additional features and tips to get the most out of Vetstoria.

  • Integration call (optional) – 30-Minutes
    This is an optional call to double-check various channels we add the booking link. This includes your social media accounts (like Facebook and Instagram, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), in-house reminders, QR codes and website links.

  • Review Call – 30-Minutes
    Two weeks after launch, we’ll arrange a call with your champion to review your setup and integration, get your feedback and introduce you to your dedicated customer success manager. You’ll also have the chance to ask any questions at this point.