Your Vetstoria champion:
Who should it be? What will they do?

The ‘Vetstoria Champion’ is the contact at your practice that will engage with Vetstoria during the onboarding process. They will be the key point of contact for all things Vetstoria in your practice. We recommend appointing at least two Vetstoria champions so one can take over in the event the other is on holiday.

What is expected of the champion?

  • Attend calls with our team to understand how Vetstoria works.
  • Helping Vetstoria obtain the API connection of the practice management system (PMS) and setting up the PMS integration.
  • Understanding and knowledge of the scheduling process at the clinic. A few examples include: appointment types and their duration, schedule by room versus doctor.

Vetstoria Customer Onboarding Process:

  • Demo call with our team
    We will show you the many customizations that you can use to set your availability as you like, so pet owners can book appointments and have them in your PIMS instantly.

  • Complete implementation form and book your call
    Share details about your practice, schedule information and PIMS details. And then book your call with our team.

  • Join the onboarding call – 1 hour
    We’ll go through your account, refine the setup and make some test bookings to ensure everything is good to go. During this call we will also train your team so they understand how our platform works.

  • Go live!
    You are now ready to start using Vetstoria!