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Lakefield Veterinary Group enhances marketing & operational efficiency with Vetstoria

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"Veterinary professionals should consider a solution like Vetstoria because it’s a time-saving tool and helps you tap into the revenue you miss from potential out-of-hours bookings, which amounts to 40% of the total bookings a practice would get."

Emily Arnold, Senior Director - Marketing, Lakefield Veterinary Group

With over 60 practices in its family, Lakefield Veterinary Group wanted to increase overall efficiency while unifying the digital channels and systems used across all practices. By adopting Vetstoria, Lakefield Veterinary Group has seen increased efficiency in each participating practice while enhancing pet owner experience and arming their marketing team with improved insights to facilitate growth.


Before engaging with Vetstoria, Lakefield Veterinary Group wanted to accomplish a few key goals:

  • To offer their veterinary hospitals an online booking tool that would help to improve client communication and operational efficiency
  • To better measure their marketing performance, understand sources of clients and gain insights that could help them improve overall marketing ROI

The traditional “request an appointment form” used across their websites held them back from achieving these goals.

Request an Appointment-Form-Mockup
Mockup of a typical request an appointment form

Since the forms required a manual step of checking the request against availability and back-and-forth communication with the client, it created a huge amount of extra admin work. Not ideal since one of their goals was to improve client communication and operational efficiency.

Additionally, their request-an-appointment forms lacked the necessary analytics to produce insights that would help the team measure performance and optimize ROI on marketing efforts.


Lakefield Veterinary Group decided to implement a state-of-the-art appointment scheduling system that integrates with the software used across its 60+ locations, consolidates booking analytics on user-friendly dashboards, and provides actionable insights.

Vetstoria was an easy choice, as it integrates with more practice management systems than any other veterinary platform, allowing Lakefield Veterinary Group to centralize its booking process and analytics with ease.

After signing up, Vetstoria’s implementation and onboarding teams (comprised of former nurses and technicians) worked with Lakefield Veterinary Group to map out a tailored practice roll-out plan and helped each practice set up and go live with appointment scheduling on their websites.

Centralized reporting - ideal for marketing and operations teams

Soon after going live, Lakefield Veterinary Group was impressed to see that Vetstoria’s power extended beyond simple appointment scheduling. Their team also had access to their own custom dashboard that enabled them to view group and practice-level performance metrics on a single centralized view. Not only did this provide operational insights but allowed the marketing team to gauge the performance of campaigns across all locations.

Corporate Dashboard New
Mock up of Vetstoria's group analytics dashboard

“Before Vetstoria, we were trying to manually figure out client conversion data but now we can just log into the dashboard and see how a campaign performed by looking at how many appointments were booked, if people are dropping off and how we can optimize future campaigns.”

Emily Arnold

Emily Arnold, Senior Director – Marketing, Lakefield Veterinary Group

A truly integrated veterinary marketing tool

Vetstoria enhanced Lakefield Veterinary Group’s client acquisition efforts by integrating and enabling them to share booking links across various digital channels, (Email, Social, Google My Business). Vetstoria also provided them with the ability to create unique “smart links” to be used in digital marketing campaigns, so measuring campaign results was easy.

Smart Link Campaign Dashboard
Mockup of Vetstoria's Smart Link campaign settings screen

“Vetstoria is more than an online booking platform. It offers marketing campaign tracking and analytics– which we had challenges with in the past. But now, we get to track appointment bookings and campaigns easily. Our team can be more proactive and strategic with the level of data tracking powered by Vetstoria.”

Emily Arnold

Emily Arnold, Senior Director – Marketing, Lakefield Veterinary Group


Group and practice level efficiency improvements

Since going live with Vetstoria, Lakefield Veterinary Group has experienced a considerable improvement in efficiency across both marketing and operations teams, who have a host of new insights at their fingertips. Additionally, the efficiencies are felt at the practice level, with fewer phone calls and more time savings for the practice teams.

Client acquisition enhancements

The Lakefield Veterinary Group marketing team has also stated improvements in new client growth and campaign performance due to the improved pet owner booking experience and the 24/7 availability that automated online scheduling brings.

“The Vetstoria team has been great to work with – they are super responsive. They’ve been a great partner, and onboarding hospitals has been an easy process.”

Emily Arnold

Emily Arnold, Senior Director – Marketing, Lakefield Veterinary Group


Lakefield Veterinary Group is a family-owned veterinary hospital acquisition company, preserving the independence and local legacy for veterinarians looking to sell their practice.



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