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DNA Vetcare elevates their pet owner experience by making care more accessible

Dane & Alan - DNA Vetcare


of feedback left by pet owners after booking appointments through Vetstoria was positive*

*Data from 1750 responses received since August 2019

"Was really easy to book. Finding time to call can be hard as I'm working remotely and constantly plugged into Teams, so appreciate being able to book the appointment online."

Feedback from a pet owner after booking through Vetstoria
Croydon Veterinary Surgery (Part of DNA Vetcare Group)

DNA Vetcare Group had one goal; to improve the pet owner experience. They understood that pet owners prefer more than one way to book an appointment. Hence, they implemented Vetstoria to provide real-time appointment scheduling and telemedicine via their practice websites, enabling pet owners to access pet care as and when they wanted it. Customer satisfaction has increased across the DNA Vetcare Group of practices, with 93.8% of pet owners recording a positive experience of booking online.


DNA Vetcare understood that customers spent a considerable amount of time on hold when making appointments over the phone, with admin staff splitting their time between assisting with surgeries and coordinating appointments.

This resulted in a suboptimal experience for pet owners, many of which don’t enjoy being on hold and are accustomed to booking similar services online in their own time.

Furthermore, it meant that the admin teams were investing time on tasks that could be automated instead of focusing on delivering a better service to those who need it.

DNA Vetcare decided to take action. They realised that automating the appointment scheduling process and moving it online could make it more convenient for pet owners to make appointments.

At the same time, they could free up more time for practice teams to focus on what really matters – providing exceptional customer service. All of which would improve the overall pet owner experience.


With the goals in mind, DNA Vetcare sought out a solution that automated the appointment scheduling process whilst providing 24/7 accessibility to its customers.

Choosing Vetstoria was easy for DNA Vetcare, given the glowing reviews industry peers had shared about the platform’s capabilities.

Vetstoria - Veterinary Team Productivity

“Vetstoria offered everything we needed, including what we didn’t know we needed. Service from the Vetstoria team was great. Onboarding had no struggles and happened really smoothly and set up well. And for our team, it’s a part of their day-to-day activities. With capabilities like telemedicine, we went live with everything we needed in a week!”

Hazel O’Mullan, Group Marketing Manager – DNA Vetcare Group

Automated appointment scheduling

DNA Vetcare offered 24/7 real-time appointment booking on all of their practice websites and digital channels, enabling pet owners to schedule appointments at their own convenience.

They were also able to control the practice schedule, as Vetstoria offers extensive configurations to block slots, give exclusivity to specific VIP customers, or provide certain appointment types such as telemedicine at designated times.

Vetstoria Slot Exclusions
UI Mockup of Vetstoria's slot exclusion screen

Secure online payments

With Vetstoria’s payment integration, DNA Vetcare was able to take secure payments from pet owners during the appointment scheduling process. This created a more seamless experience for pet owners, reduced paperwork for admins, and assisted in reducing no-shows for certain types of surgeries.

Practice Growth - Online Booking & Payment

Integrated virtual care

DNA Vetcare leveraged Vetstoria’s Telemedicine capabilities to offer accessible pet care to patients from the comfort of their homes and on any device, at any time.

This is a feature that DNA found extremely helpful during the peak of COVID-19 to provide the support that pet owners needed during urgent times.

Telemedicine Vetstoria
UI Mockup of Vetstoria Telemedicine Platform

Analytics & reporting

After implementing Vetstoria’s features, DNA also wanted to measure their performance. Vetstoria’s analytics capabilities provided a range of metrics, including:

  • Out of hour bookings
  • Appointment types
  • # of telemedicine appointments
  • Appointment sources
  • Digital marketing campaign performance
Appointment Analytics
Appointment Analytics UI Mockup


Pet owners love being able to book online

Since the rollout of Vetstoria, DNA Vetcare practices have reported positive feedback from pet owners who are pleased with the convenience that online scheduling has offered them.

The below feedback was left by a couple of pet owners after booking online appointments through DNA Vetcare Group practice websites:

  • “I think the system is easy and really clear and straightforward”
  • “Online appointment very easy to use, can’t think of anything that requires improving!”

Practice admin teams benefit from time-saving automation

The practice admin teams also appreciate the time savings that automated scheduling has provided, with hours saved for each practice every week.

To further prove the power of automation, 40% of appointments booked online are made outside of practice hours – appointments that would otherwise be made by phone call.

“The team is fabulous and so responsive and goes above and beyond. Personally, grateful. It would have been much harder if it wasn’t for Vetstoria, especially last year.”

Hazel O’Mullan, Group Marketing Manager – DNA Vetcare Group


DNA Vetcare is a proudly independent group of multi-award-winning surgeries founded in 2006 by veterinary surgeons Alan van Heerden and Dane Walker.


12 veterinary practices in London and Kent, United Kingdom

Practice Type


Practice Management System

Key Features Used:

✅ Appointment scheduling
✅ Telemedicine
✅ Digital Marketing
✅ Analytics