Webinar: Will Automation Change The Role of The Veterinary Receptionist?

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Vetstoria’s very own Julien Renard has a round-table discussion with fabulous guests

Thu 17th September 2020, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm (BST)

Vetstoria will be hosting a very special round-table discussion on the popular platform – The Webinar Vet – with fabulous guests on the topic of automation and receptionists.

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The automation revolution has been accelerated by COVID-19, which has sent many practices and pet-owners onto a steep learning curve to use automated technology.

Whilst the skills of veterinary surgeons and nurses (technicians) are hard to automate, the traditional role of the receptionist, as some practices have proven, is precarious. Will the role cease to exist or simply evolve?

Our panellists will address COVID-19’s impact on the industry while outlining the most significant challenges receptionists currently face. They will then discuss how automation can support receptionists, and what that means for the role of the receptionist going forward, before opening up to the audience for Q&A’s.

Meet our panelists

Alison Lambert – Co-founder – Onswitch

Alison is a well-known industry speaker and customer service expert who is also the co-founder of Onswitch, a veterinary business management consulting company. Onswitch exists to Inspire Change and create customer-centred practices where pets, equine and livestock receive the best care.

Kate McMorris – Veterinary Surgeon & Director – Seadown Veterinary Services
BVetMed, CertVOphthal, MRCVS

Vetstoria power-user, Kate McMorris, is a veterinary surgeon and director of UK-based practice, Seadown Veterinary Service. Kate’s creative use of Vetstoria during COVID-19 ensured healthy growth and smooth operations for her practice.

Julien Renard – CEO & Founder – Vetstoria

Julien is CEO and Founder of Vetstoria, the industry-leading veterinary booking platform used by over 2000 practices globally to streamline operations, improve customer experience and maximise revenue. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked as an emergency veterinarian across Europe and the UK.

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