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Bay Country Veterinary Hospital reduces front desk work and increases practice efficiency using Vetstoria


of Bay Country Veterinary Hospital’s appointments were made
during out-of-office hours this year.*

*Based on Vetstoria’s system data from January to September 2021

Lindsay ward

"It started with a call saying they can make my life easy, and I said that’s too good to be true. We scheduled a walkthrough, and it was too easy!"

Lindsay Ward, Practice Manager - Bay Country Veterinary Hospital

Bay Country Veterinary Hospital operates under the Blue River PetCare group, which manages 98 practices in the U.S. and has provided their expert veterinary service to their community for the past 30 years. Adopting Vetstoria during the coronavirus period was just the solution they needed to ease the exponential number of phone calls they received for appointment bookings and to increase overall practice efficiency with automated and powerful capabilities Vetstoria has to offer.


Bay Country wanted to accomplish three major, pressing tasks at their practice:

  • Reduce the high-volume of daily phone call appointments received by the practice.
  • Reduce the ad-hoc manual tasks of the front desk to book or schedule appointments.
  • Adopting a software that was customizable, offered a large number of integrations and was user-friendly.

Before the adoption of Vetstoria, Bay Country was using the service of a veterinary software but claimed it fell short in the booking process, which required a manual input, thus wasting valuable admin time.

Furthermore, they wanted a software that would seamlessly integrate with their veterinary practice management system (IDEXX Cornerstone), allow for as much customization in terms of appointment scheduling, and be easy-to-use software with less complications to ease the busy workflow for the staff at the hospital.


“What really drew me to Vetstoria was that there was no extra burden on those who schedule appointments.”

Lindsay Ward, Practice Manager – Bay Country Veterinary Hospital

Vetstoria breathed new life into the hospital staff and was an easy choice simply due to the many powerful capabilities the state-of-the-art software provided. It enabled Bay Country to eliminate manual tasks by automating their entire appointment booking process but also helped them discover new and powerful features to enhance their practice efficiency.

Easy Integration

Vetstoria integrates with more than 25 Veterinary practice management software, so integrating with Cornerstone was a walk in the park. This seamless integration meant that Bay Country could eliminate daunting manual tasks from their list and rely on Vetstoria to automate the appointment booking and scheduling process from start to finish.

“The fact that it integrates with Cornerstone is a huge sell, and the various customizations you can do on the platform are great. Plus, it’s super easy to use!”

Lindsay Ward, Practice Manager – Bay Country Veterinary Hospital

User-friendly Customization

appointment type availability

The fact that Bay Country was able to block off times in order to prioritize particular appointments, free up time for their staff, and even to schedule a holiday was a major time saver, and the block-list feature that enabled them to block certain appointment types also helped them save many practice hours and increase efficiency.

Vetstoria’s intelligent triaging feature enabled them to screen all appointments made by pet owners thus allowing them to save time on appointments that required special or urgent attention.


Adopting new features: Payments and Analytics

“Prior to using Vetstoria, we didn’t collect deposits from people for appointments, but we are going to start doing that.”

Lindsay Ward, Practice Manager – Bay Country Veterinary Hospital

Before adopting Vetstoria, Bay Country had not taken deposits from pet owners. Upon enabling deposits for appointments, it has increased efficiency at the hospital as deposits tend to lower the number of no-shows for veterinary appointments.

Vetstoria’s powerful analytical dashboard has been an asset to the hospital as they have successfully managed to monitor factors such as the number of new clients per month and even the number of canceled appointments. Such comparisons enable them to retain and enhance their overall practice efficiency.

Reduced Burden on Hospital Staff

“I have heard nothing but good things from my staff about Vetstoria because it’s not another burden on them.”

Lindsay Ward, Practice Manager – Bay Country Veterinary Hospital

Essentially, Vetstoria has enabled the staff of Bay Country to save time by automating simple tasks such as appointment booking. Many pet owners would book their appointment via phone call after work hours, resulting in added stress on the staff, so automating such ad hoc manual tasks helps keep the staff of Bay Country happy and satisfied with our service.

To learn more about Vetstoria or to see how it can work for your business, book a personalised demo with one of our product specialists today.


Part of the Blue River PetCare Group in the USA, Bay Country provides a wide range of expert veterinary service for cats, dogs and exotic pets within their community and has maintained their accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) since 1987.



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