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St. Francis Veterinary Hospital goes live with Vetstoria within 72-hours of signing up

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"The deciding factor for us to get Vetstoria was its integration with Idexx-Neo. Clients like the system which is 95% of the battle and I have enough control to modify the times clients are able to book."

Dr. Nick Moore, Vet & Co-owner of St Francis Vet Hospital

Australian practice, St. Francis Vet Hospital, implemented real-time online booking with Vetstoria and took advantage of Vetstoria’s streamlined onboarding process to go live less than 72-hours after sign-up. 100+ appointments were booked online within weeks of going live, amounting to hours of saved time, and increased team productivity.


Dr. Nick Moore from St. Francis Vet Hospital was keen to implement real-time online booking on his practice’s website but couldn’t find a system that properly integrated with his Practice Management Software, Idexx-Neo, until he came across Vetstoria.

Having decided to go ahead with online booking and choosing Vetstoria based on it’s deep and seamless integration with IDEXX Neo, a potential challenge surfaced – the speed of onboarding.

For most veterinary software systems to fully integrate with a practice’s workflow, the turnaround time can take up to three weeks, which was less than desirable for Nick, being a busy vet with limited time.

Thankfully, Vetstoria’s streamlined onboarding process and dedicated onboarding team ensured that effort on his part was minimal, and time-to-live was super fast.


After signing up with Vetstoria, Nick was scheduled into a 1-to-1 onboarding call with one of Vetstoria’s onboarding agents (who all come from veterinary backgrounds). During this call, the onboarding agent helped Nick configure Vetstoria to replicate St. Francis Veterinary Hospital’s existing booking process.

Next was connecting Vetstoria with IDEXX Neo, so appointments booked online through Vetstoria would be synced directly into the practice schedule, and availability (based on the schedule) could be displayed to pet owners online in real-time.

Idexx Neo integrates with Vetstoria
Idexx-Neo integrates with Vetstoria seamlessly in real-time with 2-way writeback

Within 72-hours, Vetstoria was up and running on St. Francis Veterinary Hospital’s website. Nick was delighted with the speed and ease of onboarding, with the benefits starting to manifest quickly – 100’s of online appointments pouring in within weeks and hours saved every day.


    • Vetstoria real-time online booking went live on St Francis Veterinary Hospital’s website in June 2020 in a speedy time of three days. This sets a new benchmark for future Vetstoria users.
    • 100+ appointments poured in within weeks, and the number continues to grow. New clients find their way onto St. Francis Veterinary Hospital’s system due to the ease of use and real-time integration with the practice management system, IDEXX Neo.
    • St. Francis Veterinary Hospital’s team productivity has increased, with hours of admin phone time saved daily.


St. Francis Veterinary Hospital is owned by Dr. Gavin Friedlieb and Dr. Nick Moore. Founded in 1962, the hospital is one of the longest operating veterinary hospitals in Perth, Australia.

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