New Feature Alert: Reduce Veterinary Admin Time With Our “New Client Form”

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Veterinary New Client Form - Vetstoria

Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 3.2 million households in the UK have adopted a pet (the equivalent of 640 additional pets per practice in the UK). With similar trends seen across the globe, that’s a major increase in pet ownership!

So, of course, your veterinary practice could be inundated with more bookings and phone calls. And that’s exactly what a platform like Vetstoria helps you with – saving time by automating the appointment booking process.

But when it comes to your new clients, how do you capture their information? You may require them to fill out a paper form when they enter your practice for the first time, send a form via email that they fill in and send back, or worse, you call them to gather information before their first visit.

This adds to the volume of phone calls or emails your team already deals with. And it also makes the pet owner’s first experience with your practice less enjoyable.

With Vetstoria’s latest feature – our New Client Form, you can automatically gather new client details during the appointment booking process.

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An Automated Veterinary New Client Form

We’re excited to announce our latest feature that we are of no doubt will help save time for admins and enable a seamless experience for new clients that book appointments with your practice.

With the New Client Form, new pet owners can enter information about themselves and their pets during their initial appointment booking with your practice. This eliminates the need to call the pet owner to gain information.

New Client Form Configuration Settings

The information required is completely up to you. Fields are configurable, ranging from the new client’s address to patient info, including name, species, breed, color, age, and more. All you need to do is navigate to “advanced settings” within the Vetstoria platform, enable the toggle to enter new client information and choose the fields you require. Then watch the information roll in (automatically!).

Why Use The Vetstoria New Client Form?

While the benefit of this feature is self-explanatory, here’s how Vetstoria can add value to your workflow with the new client form:

⚫ Saves time in gathering new client information

Once the new clients enter their information, the details will be emailed to your team so they can update profiles accordingly.

⚫ Easy to set it up and configure

All it takes is enabling the toggle and choosing the fields you want the new pet owner to enter.

⚫ Increased bookings due to seamless experience for new clients

No interruption or mandatory forms to fill at the beginning of the booking process. The pet owner will only be prompted to share additional information after booking the appointment, which keeps the whole process seamless and easy.

Learn more about the New Client Form