Employee Spotlight – Kathryn Powell

6 min read

Welcome to our new employee spotlight series, where we introduce a member of the Vetstoria family to you all. This month we interviewed the amazing Client Support Representative, Kathryn Powell.

Q: Could you give us an introduction to yourself?

Hi, I’m Kate 😃 I started working in veterinary clinics 12 years ago in Central and South Texas as a receptionist and eventually moved up to assistant hospital manager before joining Vetstoria. I love the veterinary field and its people! Though I don’t work in a clinic anymore, I’m so grateful to impact this industry by helping clinics find ways to improve their practice efficiency through technology. It’s a long time coming in this industry, and I’m happy to see more clinics embrace what we can do. On a personal note, I’m happily married and have an amazing five-year-old son that keeps us busy at home.

Q: How long have you worked with Vetstoria, and what is your role in the company?

I started in September of 2020, so I’ve been working with Vetstoria now for eight months. I am a Client Support Representative. Most of my focus starts after veterinary clinics sign up with us, which is the onboarding process and supporting clinics that use our services.

Q: What is one thing you are proud of achieving at Vetstoria?

I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone a bit at Vetstoria, which has been the best thing for me. Coming from a background of being in a clinic, learning the ropes of a “tech company” has been filled with exciting new challenges. Honestly, I’m proud of myself for embracing this opportunity to grow in a new direction instead of just staying where I was comfortable.

Q: What do you consider to be the best part of your daily role at Vetstoria?

I love the moments when I’m helping a clinic with the back-end setup of their online booking tool, and then the “why didn’t we do this sooner” tone comes over the conversation. The excitement that this will help a clinic function more efficiently and take some stress out of people’s lives (that I know are already stressed enough) motivates me.

Q: What does working within the veterinary industry mean to you?

The veterinary industry is full of caring and compassionate people. We work hard and give all of ourselves to care for pets because we know they give us the unconditional love we need – especially now. I think it’s common for people in the veterinary industry sometimes to care and give too much. My goal is to help them find ways to take back some of their time, hoping that this might correlate to a bit of time to take care of themselves.

Q: What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Well, as I mentioned before, I am a mom to a five-year-old boy. I don’t find much time beyond being with him, but he’s the best thing that could’ve happened to my husband and me. He’s energetic, passionate, curious, and very funny. In my eyes, he’s a natural scientist, and I really enjoy it. He likes to ask questions and have conversations about things he observes, and seeing the world through his eyes is always a humbling experience.

Apart from being a mom, when I find free time, I enjoy movies – particularly Sci-Fi (Star Wars is basically my life), music, and PC gaming. I also have an old lady dachshund and a super squishy blind cat that likes to photobomb my Zoom calls when he can.

Q: How have you been coping with the recent COVID situation, and do you have any words of advice for your fellow veterinary industry professionals who are struggling with it?

COVID lockdowns began about six months before I joined Vetstoria. My previous clinic went to curbside as many did – and are still, which has been a harrowing experience. I’ve tried to find the silver linings where I can. Being forced to spend more time at home with my family has been a blessing and has helped me re-evaluate what really matters. I think my advice for industry professionals would be to hold tight and focus on giving yourself some grace. None of this could have ever been expected or planned for, and we’re all doing the best we can to safely deliver the same quality of care that we always have.

Q: In your view, what’s the most important thing someone should master when working remotely?

I think finding ways to stay organized is essential. I’m a bit notorious for my spiral notebooks that never leave my side. Ensuring that you make time for breaks and to step away from work occasionally is vital as well. Working from home can make it a little too easy to work non-stop. Scheduling breaks when you can and sticking to them is important!

Q: If you could take only one animal with you to a desert island, what would it be?

This is a tough one! I always say my spirit animal is a sloth because if I could just lay in a hammock under a tree all day I’d be happy. A sloth wouldn’t be very useful on a desert island though!

Q: Words of advice for your fellow Vetstorians?

Honestly, I’d say just keep doing what you’re doing! Team collaboration at Vetstoria is phenomenal! I count myself lucky to be working with a team that is as open, welcoming, and supportive as we are.

Q: What future developments are you excited about at Vetstoria?

I love that most of our innovations and improvements come from feedback or recommendations from the clinics that we work with. I’d say I’m most excited about the upcoming integrations with additional PIMs. I look forward to being able to reach and help even more clinics in the future!