New Feature Alert: Easy Booking With the Vetstoria Floating Button

2 min read
Introducing the Floating button on the Vetstoria platform for easy appointment booking

Want to make booking easy for pet parents? We’re excited to announce our new “Floating Button” that helps to enable faster booking. We want to ensure your website is optimized for more online bookings by making it easier for pet parents to find the appointment booking widget on your website – and our latest feature does just that!

Learn more about the Vetstoria Floating Button

What is the Floating Button?

With Vetstoria’s new Floating Button, you can enable the appointment booking tool to appear as a pop-up on your website, so it can be accessed by users quickly and easily. The button will help to launch the booking tool from any page of the website, improving user experience and increasing conversion rates.

What does it look like?

The Floating Button includes a speech bubble that delivers a customizable message to prompt the web visitor to engage with your online booking widget, grabbing the attention of visitors while they navigate the clinic website. The size and color of the button can be configured so it aligns with the clinic’s branding.


The icon of the button is an “appointment calendar” to show its function and also can be configured based on the branding of the clinic. This would appear as a pop-up that would launch the booking tool.

Why add the floating booking button?

⚫ Easy to set up the button without major configurations within the booking widget

⚫ More bookings and conversions with improved user experience; easy to find and access the appointment booking tool

⚫ Easy to install on your website with a simple code snippet

Learn more about the Vetstoria Floating Button