Top 7 Veterinary Conferences for 2022

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Veterinary conferences are the best way for you to hone your skills. In this article, you’ll find a list of the top conferences that are happening in 2022, while you learn the benefits of attending one yourself. Veterinary conferences can benefit everyone, from practitioners to nurses and even students. A few of them are as follows,

The Benefits of Attending a Veterinary Conference

🟒  Identify new software and technology in the veterinary industry

🟒  Find out the best and new treatment options for your patients

🟒 Earn points to meet your CE requirements

🟒 Expand on your skills and veterinary knowledge

🟒 Make new friends and meet other professionals in the industry

🟒 Run your practice more efficiently and effectively

🟒 Enhance your CV and job opportunities as a student vet

Sometimes, it’s not just about making new friends. It’s about strengthening your abilities and it is also about sharpening your skills and knowledge. This will help you to become a better vet overall. If you want to reap the biggest benefits then it is wise for you to attend the physical events you can, while also being mindful of any virtual events that you may be able to pay for and attend online.

List of Veterinary Conferences in 2022

If you want to find out more about the top veterinary conferences that are happening in 2022 then you have come to the right place. Here you can find out what events are upcoming, as well as finding out which ones could benefit your practice.

1. Vet Show Chicago Veterinary Conference

Navy Pier is one of the top attractions in Chicago, and that is why it has been chosen for the Chicago Vet Conference by Vet Show. Vet Show is known for getting a lot of world-class speakers, not to mention that you also have the option to choose which lectures you attend for your professional growth. You’ll experience hands-on learning, with the opportunity to hone your skills.

🟣 Date: May 12th-13th of May 2022

🟣 Audience: Every veterinary professional

🟣 Region: Chicago

🟣 Past Speakers: Dr. Mary Buelow, Dr. Brooke Britton, David Bessler and Jason Berg.

🟣 Registration Fee: Not listed

🟣 Website:

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2. VMX Veterinary Meeting and Expo

If you want an immersive learning experience, then the VMX conference is certainly what you should be looking at. You will be able to share insights with vets from around the world. You can learn from the brightest professionals in the field while also being able to learn about all of the topics that you may be interested in. They have virtual offerings available as well if you are not able to attend in person.

🟣 Date: 15th-19th of January 2022

🟣 Audience: Every veterinary professional

🟣 Region: Orlando

🟣 Virtual or Physical? Physical and virtual

🟣 Past Speakers: Marty Becker, Stephen Cital and Tres Clarke

🟣 Registration Fee: Varies between virtual and physical events

🟣 Website:

3. AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference

There is no better place for you to network and meet up with friends and colleagues. The Leadership Conference draws veterinary professionals from all over the US, providing educational sessions for rising stars in the industry. A great chance to hone your skills and advance your knowledge.

🟣 Date: 6th-9th of January 2022

🟣 Audience: Rising leaders

🟣 Region: Chicago

🟣 Virtual or Physical? Physical

🟣 Past Speakers: Dr. Betsy Charles, Dr. Vernard Hodges, and Dr. Stephanie Jones

🟣 Registration Fee: Not listed

🟣 Website:

4. Waset Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology Conference

This conference aims to bring researchers, scientists, practitioners, and leaders together while providing a platform to educate people about the latest trends, concerns, and innovations regarding the solutions that have been adopted by vets. It also provides a platform in which vets can expand upon their knowledge.

🟣 Date: 22nd-23rd of April 2022

🟣 Audience: Practitioners, researchers, and students

🟣 Region: Boston

🟣 Virtual or Physical? Physical

🟣 Past Speakers: Łukasz Adaszek, Claude Beata and Jerold Bell

🟣 Registration Fee: Varies depending on the status

🟣 Website:

4. Vet Show Austin Veterinary Conference

The Austin Vet is a host of premier veterinary events. They have conferences on a national and local level. If you have never visited Violet Crown City then this is a very good chance for you to try and hone your professional skills. You will learn about anesthesia as well as clinical challenges that you may face when running your own practice. You can visit the website to find out more.

🟣 Date: 5th-6th of April 2022

🟣 Audience: Veterinarians and veterinary technicians

🟣 Region: Austin

🟣 Virtual or Physical? Physical

🟣 Past Speakers: Dr. Khursheed Mama, Dr. Lucien Vallone, and Dr. Adesola Odunayo

🟣 Registration Fee: Not listed

🟣 Website:

5. MVC Expo

The MVC Expo is hosted by the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association. It is a growing and regional conference and it is packed with opportunities for those who want to network as well as those who want to socialise. There are highly regarded experts who come from all around the world and there are also hundreds of industry vendors as well. The event gets bigger and bigger every year and if you are not able to attend yourself, they also offer a lot of virtual opportunities, so it has never been easier for you to sign up and attend. You can register your interest in the event now.

🟣 Date: 17th-19th of February

🟣 Audience: Veterinarians and practice owners

🟣 Region: Ohio

🟣 Virtual or Physical? Physical and virtual

🟣 Past Speakers: Not listed

🟣 Registration Fee: Not listed

🟣 Website:

7. Vet Virtual Congress 2022

With this virtual event, you will be able to download CE/CPD certificates of any events you attend, and it is free of charge as well. There are going to be a variety of topics covered and thousands of vets sign up every year. You will learn about any upcoming treatments, technology, and even breakthroughs so that you can provide a bigger and better service to the clients you serve.

🟣 Date: 17th-22nd of January 2022

🟣 Audience: Every veterinary professional

🟣 Region: Online

🟣 Virtual or Physical? Virtual

🟣 Past Speakers: Fergus Mitchell, Dr Beremiz Sanchez Salazar, Zoe Halfacree

🟣 Registration Fee: Free

🟣 Website:

So these are the top veterinary events that are happening in 2022. More and more are being announced by the month, so there are bound to be more exciting announcements soon.