How to Market Your Veterinary Clinic during Dental Health Month

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Image templates from pet dental health content packs for effective veterinary marketing

Need for Veterinary Marketing Tools

Marketing for veterinary practices is more important than ever. In this ever-changing world, it is imperative to not only let your current clients be informed of the activities within the clinic but also to reach out to new clients and increase your business. In essence, good marketing ensures a company’s future through engaging new and existing customers, especially when the latter will help in referring your services to other pet parents they know.

With COVID, there has been a need for digital marketing for veterinarians. According to BBC, from 2020 to May 2021, 3.2 million pets were acquired worldwide. However it is a known fact that millennials have the highest pet ownership ranking. They make up the majority of consumers and following them, the generations are becoming increasingly tech savvy. 

Online vs Offline Marketing

It is very important to gain your clients’ trust, as most pet owners consider their pets as family and will do their research – online, via Google search, and increasingly, on social media before choosing you as their vet. Besides giving them time and quality after care, which our real-time online scheduling platform- Vetstoria– helps you with, one should look into investing into marketing strategies and tactics. These can include anything from social media, vouchers, referral programs, webinars, content packs- a good mix of online and offline marketing.

Online marketing refers to the ways of using the internet to market your products or services. These include email marketing, social media and using platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and more to help target new clients based on various metrics and to communicate with existing clients to drive bookings, increase sales and strengthen loyalty.. Optimizing websites and using Google ads is also a very crucial part of online marketing. You can read more on how to use TikTok to promote veterinary practice here.

On the other hand, offline marketing is anything that was used before the onset of the internet and is still used by small and large organizations. A lot of it is done in person and can sometimes have a longer lasting impact on the customer. These include in-person events or trade shows, flyers, posters, billboard advertising, referral programs or gifts. 

While any kind of marketing is only going to benefit a clinic, don’t forget it is also about creating great service. It is the great service and the knowledge that a clinic and its staff can have that makes a difference. It starts the conversation and leads to pet owners building a trust in you, which spreads the word exponentially. 

Find out how you can protect your pet by brushing their teeth
Read on to find out how you can protect your pet by brushing their teeth

Educating Pet Owners

How often do pet owners come to the clinic asking you for day to day guidance with your pets? Very frequently, we’re sure! Most clients, especially new pet owners, need a clear understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts of pet ownership. Many veterinarians have voiced that they have had major concerns when it comes to dealing with a pet parent. The number of blogs and social media accounts circulating through the internet have been a major cause in challenging the authority of a vet. Most of these write-ups do not necessarily come from an educated or a well-informed blogger but they make a pet owner come to a clinic ‘informed’ (or misinformed) and believe that they know even better than their doctor.

Using customizable content packs to give out information that is essential and helps to educate the pet owners is one of the best ways for marketing your veterinary clinic.

Content Packs for Pet Dental Health

Vetstoria’s Content Packs

Marketing for veterinary practices can seem like a time consuming activity and we hear you! We compiled a series of completely free, fully editable marketing materials that you can access from our website and customize to your liking. Simply make any desired changes (or use them as they are) in your emails, on your social media channels, and for display around the clinic. We release Vetstoria Content Packs every two weeks or so, often in sync with seasonal concerns and important awareness dates. 

With February being considered Pet Dental Health Month in the UK and US, we released a content pack educating pet owners on pet dental hygiene. Many pet parents are unaware of the importance of their furry friends’ dental health, which can cause a number of issues.

Dental disease is the most common health problem diagnosed in cats and dogs. However, these often remain untreated while pets suffer in silence. Eventually these issues come to the surface and there are ways to help pet owners understand the importance of dental health and spot any issues early. 

What should pet owners know?

  • Poor dental health can shorten your pet’s life
  • It can cause irreversible damage to teeth, gums and jaw
  • It’s a common disease with 7 out of 10 pets affected
  • It causes general illness and damage to organs such as kidneys and heart.
Did you know? Most pets over the age of 3 show signs of dental illness.
Did you know? Most pets over the age of 3 show signs of dental illness.

What does the Dental Health Content Pack include?

Vetstoria’s Dental Health Content Packs can help your clinic celebrate and spread the word about the importance of dental hygiene in a pet with your clients.

The content pack holds important information which is worth sharing with your pet owners and perhaps, will help them answer some of the frequently asked questions.

How to use the Content Packs for effective veterinary marketing?

You can download these content packs from here:

It is pretty simple.  

Step 1: Choose the pack you want, and open the clickable template links. You will be directed to Canva, which will help you customize the packs as per your brand guidelines.

Step 2: Export the design as it is, or add your logo, brand colors, and update the text

Step 3: Download the design for your digital channels, or print physical copies!

What is included in these Content Packs?

The Pet Dental Health Content Pack is a handy tool to use to market your veterinary clinic during the Dental Health Month. There are various templates to use and some of them can either be used as a static image or a GIF. 

The templates are designed to show how and when pets show signs of dental disease, how to get them habituated to being touched, when to introduce a toothbrush and toothpaste and how to brush their teeth.  

Don’t forget to add a suitable Call to Action. This could be details of where to reach you for example, your phone number or email address. 

We provide all the information from the Content Pack in the form of:

Flyer– Flyers can be an effective veterinary marketing tool for veterinary clinics as they allow for targeted distribution and can be used to communicate important information to potential clients in a concise and visually appealing way. This can help reach a targeted audience and increase the likelihood of attracting new clients.

With flyers, you have 3 template options available. With a suitable Call to Action, you can also use a QR code which will take your client to your website with more information in hand.  

Front page: Flyer template from Pet Dental Content Pack
Front page: Flyer template from Pet Dental Content Pack
Back page: Flyer template from Pet Dental Content Pack
Back page: Flyer template from Pet Dental Content Pack

Poster– Posters can also be a great veterinary marketing tool as they are eye-catching and can be used to promote your clinic’s services and specialties to a wide audience, especially to those who are in the clinic.

You can follow the same steps of creating a flyer mentioned above, to help you with posters. We have three templates and you can either use the information we have provided or edit it to write something else you feel is more important for your clients. Be as creative as you like! These are available in both A3 and A4 for your use.

How to start brushing your pet's teeth: Poster template for veterinary marketing
How to start brushing your pet’s teeth: Poster template

Instagram Post– Instagram can be an effective way to market your veterinary clinic by showcasing your services, educating followers, and engaging with your audience in a creative and visually appealing way. By highlighting your clinic’s expertise, promoting offers, and engaging with followers, you can increase the likelihood of attracting new clients and growing your business.

We have included 6 different templates within this content pack. The first three are images designed to be posted as single images on your socials. Choose the one that best suits your clinic. 

We have also provided a suggested caption for your posts. Don’t forget to add more information, if you need.

Instagram Carousel image template from pet dental content pack
Instagram Carousel Template: Image 1
Instagram Carousel image template from pet dental content pack for veterinary marketing
Instagram Carousel Template: Image 2
Instagram Carousel image template from pet dental content pack
Instagram Carousel Template: Image 3
Instagram Carousel image template from pet dental content pack
Instagram Carousel Template: Image 4
Instagram Carousel image template from pet dental content pack for veterinary marketing
Instagram Carousel Template: Image 5

Did you know that most pets show signs of dental disease? Not only is it painful for your pet, but infections can spread and cause further damage. Keep pets happy by brushing their teeth regularly. Here’s how to start in three simple steps.

It’s Dental Health Awareness month! Concerned about your pet’s dental health? Don’t delay – book an appointment in February and receive

[Dental offer]. A healthy pet is a happy pet!

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Facebook Post– Use the same steps mentioned above. However, if you are sharing your post directly on social media, do not forget to share the relevant page only. You can also use the same caption as above for Facebook as well.

Facebook Image template from pet dental health content pack for veterinary marketing
Facebook post template

Video Reel Template– Currently, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are all about engaging audiences through various videos. Why not show your followers how to brush their pet’s teeth? This template shows you exactly what to capture in each shot to do your own demonstration. Follow along step by step, or put your own spin on it!

Phone Hold Message Script– You can always use this template to record a phone message for your clinic at the start of the month which reminds pet owners about pet dental health month and any offers that may be running throughout February. Be sure to take that off once the month ends.

Email & Text Messages– Why not send an email encouraging customers to book a discounted dental check? Emails and texts are a great way to nudge pet owners a few days after they’ve engaged with you on other platforms. We wrote one for you! In this template, we have suggested an email outline that you can follow to let your clients know about pet dental health month. 

Email Banner– Email banners can be an effective marketing tool for veterinary clinics as they help grab the attention of the email recipient and communicate important information quickly and effectively. There are 3 different templates within this content pack to choose from. Choose the one that best suits your clinic.

To keep the transition effect in your email banner, select the ‘GIF’ file type when you download your design. To export a static email banner, simply download as a PNG or JPEG instead. 

Email banner template for your Pet Dental emails to clients for good veterinary marketing
Email banner template for your Pet Dental emails to clients


In conclusion, Pet Dental Health Month serves as a crucial reminder for veterinarians to emphasize the significance of dental care in our furry companions’ overall health and well-being. By raising awareness about dental hygiene, providing education on preventative measures, and offering dental examinations and treatments, veterinarians play an important role in ensuring optimal oral health for pets.

As advocates for your patients, you can use these free content packs and let them support you in your veterinary marketing of your clinic and education about the importance of brushing their pet’s teeth. We know social media and its ever changing aspects can be very overwhelming and we have tried our best to jot down every step to help you through this journey.