Exploring the Impact of Colour in Veterinary Marketing

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Exploring the Impact of Colour in Veterinary Marketing Vetstoria blog

Understanding the deep-seated influence of colour psychology in branding veterinary practices is crucial for any marketer in the veterinary industry. When deciding on a colour scheme for your vet clinic or hospital, it’s super interesting to look into the varied psychological impacts that colours can have and how that might impact how potential clients perceive them.

A graphical representation by Conversioner brilliantly demonstrates the emotional impact of different colours.

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Veterinary Branding Strategies

Never underestimate the power of colour! Research and statistics highlight its critical role in the purchasing process.

According to Kissmetrics:

85% of consumers cite colour as the primary reason for purchasing a product.

Colour amplifies brand recognition by 80% (the sight of royal purple immediately brings Cadbury’s to mind, doesn’t it?).

Further research reveals:

  • 93% consider visual appeal when evaluating new products.
  • 85% state that colour is a key reason for their purchase.
  • 90% admit to making impulse purchases based on colour alone.

Is the colour I choose for my veterinary website significant?

Colour is foundational to a veterinary website and the overall branding of your business. You need to be careful and perhaps work with an expert to select the ideal colours to craft your brand identity accordingly. Choosing red for your website suggests urgency and immediate attention, while blue conveys calmness, honesty, and reliability. 

Optimal Colours for Your Veterinary Website

Certain colours are particularly effective for veterinary websites – blue, green, and purple. Blue evokes calmness and trustworthiness, essential traits in veterinary care. Green, representing freshness and nature, encourages healthy lifestyles for pets. Purple, symbolising luxury and regality, can distinguish your practice in the market, appealing to clients seeking premium services.

Delving into the Significance of Each Colour for Your Veterinary Brand:


Perfect for holistic veterinary practices, green symbolises growth, health, prosperity, and renewal. It’s also the most comfortable colour for the eye to process, facilitating focus on other website elements.


A favourite in veterinary branding, blue symbolises peace, stability, and reliability — qualities every pet owner seeks for their pets’ lifelong care. Physically, blue induces calming chemicals in the body, fostering a sense of tranquillity and spiritual well-being.


Suited for emergency veterinary services, red, when used sparingly, effectively captures attention for calls-to-action like “Call Now” buttons. Yet, in excess, it can overwhelm. Red denotes passion, love, as well as danger, and urgency.


Yellow, used judiciously, can illuminate a webpage or logo with its associations of happiness, humour, and optimism. Due to its potential strain on the eyes, it’s best employed sparingly.


Ideal for clean, minimalistic websites, orange often features conversion elements like appointment booking buttons. It’s a standout choice, appealing across genders, despite not being a favourite for many.


For those with the most upscale veterinary clinic in town, purple is your colour. It conveys creativity, royalty, and affluence. While calming like blue, purple can also spark curiosity, making it ideal for luxury pet care brands.

Choosing the Right Colour for Your Veterinary Practice

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. The best colour for your practice is the one that resonates with your brand’s ethos. For emergency services, red might be your go-to for branding and design. A serene, community-focused practice? Blue could be your colour. If your aim is to offer a luxurious experience, consider purple.

Just like the perfect color scheme reflects your veterinary practice’s unique personality, a custom website and targeted digital marketing strategy can attract ideal clients who value your services. Book a free demo with us today and see how we can help you grow!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is colour psychology pivotal in veterinary business branding?

Colour psychology is vital in shaping potential clients’ perceptions of your veterinary practice. It’s a strategic tool to evoke specific emotions and associations with different colours, like trust with calm blue or urgency with vibrant red.

2. How does colour influence customer purchasing decisions?

A: Research indicates that up to 85% of consumers deem colour the main reason for their purchase. Colour alone can sway 85% of people’s buying choices, enhance brand recognition by 80%, and significantly affect impulse purchases.

3. What colours are recommended for a veterinary website?

A: Blue, green, and purple are often suggested. Blue for its calming and trustworthy vibes, green for its association with health and freshness, and purple for its luxury and regal connotations, appealing to a high-end clientele.

4. What do specific colours represent in branding?

Orange: Great for conversion elements, stands out, but use with caution.

Green: Ideal for holistic practices, symbolising health and renewal.

Red: Draws attention to urgent services; use sparingly to avoid overwhelming.

Yellow: Conveys joy and optimism, best.