Your Easy Start With Vetstoria Onboarding

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The Vetstoria onboarding process is thoughtfully designed for simplicity, and understanding the daily demands you juggle. We recognize the weight of your responsibilities, and our goal is to make adopting a new platform a breeze, not a burden. 

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From designating a “champion” (see below)  to guide you through the journey, to the thrilling moment of going live and beyond, each step is a purposeful stride towards optimizing your clinic’s operations.

Navigating Vetstoria with confidence 

We’ve got a dedicated team of customer implementation specialists who have not only clocked hours in the veterinary industry but bring both experience and an extra layer of expertise to the table. So, when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of your clinic, rest assured, we’ve got you covered. 

In this post, we’ll delve into our easy onboarding experience and learn how Vetstoria can be a game-changer for your veterinary practice.

How easy is the Vetstoria onboarding process?

All it takes is a maximum of 2 calls (depending on the size of your clinic) to get you all set up. Let’s dive in and show you how easy and seamless our onboarding journey is. 

Step 1 – The demo 

As soon as you book a call, our team will guide you through Vetstoria’s functionalities, providing a comprehensive overview to ensure you’re well-versed with our platform. Once you like what you see, you can sign up. 

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Step 2 – Selecting your champion

At this stage, you will select your champion, your go-to person for all things Vetstoria. This would be someone in your clinic who might have a passion for tech or likes being organized. They’ll lead the charge in ensuring a smooth onboarding process from your end.

Step 3 – Complete the implementation form

The implementation form is your key to tailoring Vetstoria to your clinic’s specific needs. This is where you will share details about your clinic, schedule and PIMS (practice management system) for a personalized experience.

Step 4 – The kick-off call (1 hour)

This is when you get to meet our team and start your journey with Vetstoria. We configure the settings based on your requirements. This call duration will also depends on the size of your clinic and the practice system you use.

Step 5 –  The pre-launch call (1 hour) 

Before going live, we’ll guide you through your Vetstoria account, customization options, and set up social channels along with the booking widget. We will run a few test bookings to see if everything is working well. In case you might have additional branches or more features to set up, there would be an additional call. 

Step 6 – You are LIVE! 

Congratulations, your clinic is live with Vetstoria. Pet owners can now book appointments on your website. This will reduce phone calls, and alleviate team stress. – Vetstoria is your key to seamless operations and a stress-free clinic environment.

Step 7 – Post-launch

Our dedicated customer care representatives are here for you. We call this the “hyper-care phase” where we’ll address any inquiries and promptly attend to changes or settings. This will take place for 2 months so you can become more comfortable with using Vetstoria until we hand over your clinic to your dedicated customer success manager and live support team.

Vetstoria’s ongoing support and commitment

And there you have it – your onboarding journey with Vetstoria in a nutshell.

You can reach out to our 24/7 support team through chat, logging a ticket, or by requesting a meeting whenever the need arises. Additionally, your dedicated customer success representative will provide valuable tips to boost your online bookings and get more benefits from our platform. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Here’s to growth without the headache! With Vetstoria, worry less about tech hiccups and more about what you love – providing quality pet care. Book a demo with us!