5 Practice Issues You Can Solve With Veterinary Technology

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Major Practice Issues You Can Solve With Veterinary Technology

Veterinary technology can go a long way in supporting your clinic. In recent years, practices have been witnessing a large number of appointments coming their way due to increased pet ownership. The Economists point out that millennials capture a large portion of all new pet owners. We think every pet deserves just the same amount of love and care. But is your team equipped to handle this influx? If you’re still battling out the notion of adopting veterinary technology to your practice – think again. In this blog, we listed five issues you face in your veterinary practice that can be solved using veterinary technology.

1. Experiencing severe staff shortage

This can be a tough one. With staff shortages and existing staff spread too thin, you might resort to cutting down the number of appointments. However, this approach can impact your practice’s revenue. Adopting veterinary technology can automate appointments booking, reminders, confirmations, and gathering new client information. As a result, you can save time and accomplish them with less staff intervention.

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2. Too much time spent on mundane tasks

Your admin team spends too much time answering phones to take appointments, acquire new client details, reminders, and confirmations. Phone calls can sound the easiest way to do all the above, but your team could rather spend that time offering pet owners a better service at the practice.

Veterinary technology can take up all those admin tasks and free up your team to do exactly that, which is what really matters – additional pet and owner care.

3. Pet owners can’t book appointments after practice hours

In most cases, pet owners tend to book their appointments outside of office hours. Sometimes it’s as high as 40% of the time. But they cannot if the clinic is closed and a phone call is the only way to get through. Even “Request an appointment” tools result in waiting time for the pet owner. Which then requires back and forth communication between your team and pet owners for availability and more.

Suboptimal pet owner experience can hurt your vet practice in the long run. 70% of pet owners are also most likely to make an appointment online. This is why tools that enable real-time scheduling will give them the accessibility to make a booking at a time and day specified by you. More advanced tools can provide telemedicine, so pet owners can reach out, especially if the distance gets in the way.

4. Experiencing no-shows

With practices busier than ever, pet owners are going through struggles to find urgent appointments for their pets. This has led to them making multiple bookings and failing to cancel the ones they don’t attend.

The best way to address these troublesome no-shows is to use veterinary technology that offers online payments. You can set it up for specific types of appointments and ensure that pet owners arrive for their appointments somehow.

5. No insights on where your practice can improve

There could be slow hours where you could do with more patients. Identifying these and where your vet practices fall short is not an easy task. Some veterinary technology provides analytics and reporting capabilities that help you understand customer behavior. They can be the source of appointments, dropouts during the booking process or stages of dropping devices used for bookings, etc. These can help you understand the areas that need improvement in your practice. You can further use information about pet owners to provide a better service. If future-proofing your vet practice is in the cards – you must have the right solutions in place.

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How to choose your veterinary technology

You can use various types of veterinary technology. Real-time appointment scheduling, telemedicine, and payments can add a lot of value to your practice. When choosing one, you would want a tool that integrates well with your practice management technology. It’s better If the technology can help you customize based on your availability and preferences, to provides 24/7 support.

To experience firsthand how our cutting-edge veterinary technology can revolutionize your practice, book a demo with us. Let us guide you through the possibilities and help you make the best choice for a more efficient and successful veterinary practice.