How to educate pet owners about caring for pets in extreme heat conditions

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With the scorching heat of summer posing potential risks to pets, educating pet owners about extreme heat and the necessary precautions to keep their beloved pets safe is a great idea. In today’s digital age, effective veterinary marketing plays a crucial role in reaching and educating pet owners. With the rising temperatures of summer posing risks to pets, veterinary professionals can leverage Vetstoria’s content packs to educate clients about keeping their furry companions safe. In this blog, we will explore the intricacies of extreme heat, its impact on pets, the power of our extreme heat content packs as a marketing tool, and provide valuable insights on how to educate clients about heat safety.

How to identify symptoms of heatstroke in pets and help educate pet owners for veterinary matketing
How to identify symptoms of heatstroke in pets

Why should vets educate pet owners about heat and its impact on pets?

Prevention of heat-related illnesses: Many pet owners may not be aware of the dangers that heat can pose to their pets. Educating them about the risks of heatstroke, dehydration, and other heat-related illnesses helps them take proactive measures to prevent these conditions. By providing information on proper hydration, shade, and cooling methods, pet owners can create a safe environment for their pets during hot weather.

Early recognition of heat-related symptoms: Heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses can escalate quickly and become life-threatening. By educating pet owners about the signs and symptoms of heat stress, they can recognize the early warning signs and seek prompt veterinary care. This knowledge can potentially save their pet’s life or prevent further complications.

Responsible pet ownership: Pets rely on their owners to provide for their basic needs, including protection from extreme weather conditions. By raising awareness about the importance of keeping pets cool and comfortable during hot weather, pet owners are empowered to fulfil their responsibilities to their pet and ensure the well-being of their furry companions.

Prevention of accidental harm: Lack of knowledge about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars, walking them on scorching pavement, or exposing them to excessive heat can lead to accidental harm. By educating pet owners about these risks, they can make informed decisions and avoid situations that may harm their pets.

Building a strong bond: Educating pet owners about the impact of heat on their pets increases empathy and understanding between owners and their pets. When owners understand the needs and vulnerabilities of their pets during hot weather, they can provide the necessary care and attention, enhancing the overall quality of the human-animal relationship.

Promoting public awareness: Widespread education about heat-related issues for pets helps create a more informed society overall. By spreading awareness through various channels such as veterinary clinics, social media, and community events, we can reach a larger audience and promote a culture of responsible pet ownership.

Important information veterinarians can share with pet owners regarding extremely hot temperatures

Most pet owners should know the best practices during a heat wave to avoid discomfort to their pets. When it comes to heat awareness for pets, veterinarians can provide essential information to pet owners to help keep their furry friends safe. Here are some key points that veterinarians can communicate:

Provide ample shade and fresh water: One of the fundamental aspects of summer pet care is ensuring they have access to shade at all times. Pet owners can create shaded areas in their yard or provide a sheltered space indoors where they can retreat from the sun’s direct rays. Additionally, they can provide fresh, clean water in multiple locations to prevent dehydration.

Never leave pets in hot cars: Leaving pets in cars, even for a few minutes, can have devastating consequences. The temperature inside a car can rise rapidly, even on a moderately warm day, leading to heatstroke or death. It’s best to leave pets at home or find pet-friendly alternatives when running errands during the summer.

Exercise during cooler hours: Adjust your pet’s exercise routine to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Pet owners can take walks or engage in physical activities during early morning or late evening when temperatures are lower. Hot pavement can burn your pet’s paws, so test the ground with your hand before venturing out.

Watch for signs of heat stress: Pet owners can familiarize themselves with the signs of heat stress in pets, which include excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, vomiting, and disorientation. If they notice any of these symptoms, they should move their pet to a cool area, provide water, and contact their veterinarian immediately.

Utilize cooling methods: There are various methods to help pets stay cool. Wet towels, cooling mats, or elevated beds can provide relief from the heat. Pet owners can also freeze treats or toys to keep them occupied while providing a refreshing snack.

Regular grooming and hygiene: Maintaining proper grooming practices during summer is beneficial. Pet owners can brush their pets regularly to remove excess hair and prevent matting, which can hinder airflow and insulation.

Social media post to educate pet owners about the impact of extreme heat for pets for veterinary marketing
Vetstoria’s Instagram post educating pet owners on the impact of extreme heat on pets

How to run heat awareness initiatives in your clinic using Vetstoria’s content packs for veterinary marketing

Leveraging Vetstoria’s heat awareness content packs for veterinary marketing can be beneficial for promoting your veterinary clinic or services. Here are some steps you can take to make the most of these content packs:

Creating educational resources: Vetstoria’s content packs provide veterinary professionals with ready-to-use educational resources for pet owners. You can use or edit our emails, text messages, posters, flyers, and social media posts to educate pet owners on caring for their pets during extremely hot weather. Our visually appealing content packs make it easy to share engaging information with your pet owners who do not visit the clinics regularly and may require a reminder to tell them what is going on at the clinic.

Client education in the veterinary clinic: With the content packs, veterinary professionals can effectively educate pet owners during clinic visits. Using our flyers and posters, vets can share strategies for initiating conversations about heat-related risks and prevention, provide talking points to address common questions or misconceptions, highlight the importance of fostering open communication and create a safe space for pet owners to seek guidance during their visits to the clinic.

Harnessing the power of social media: Content packs can help vets explore the impact of social media as a platform for educating pet owners about extreme heat. Veterinary professionals can utilize various social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, to disseminate information, share tips, and raise awareness as a part of veterinary marketing. On social media you can provide examples of engaging Facebook and Instagram posts, Reel or TikTok videos, and interactive content that effectively convey the message and encourage audience participation.

Hosting educational events and webinars: Veterinary professionals can organize educational events and webinars dedicated to extreme heat awareness. In those discussions, you can discuss the how pet owners can look our for signs of heatstroke. Arranging workshops and Q&A sessions while also providing guidelines for heat awareness for pets or even collaborating with local organizations, and involving guest speakers can help in enhancing the educational experience.

Collaborating with pet-related businesses: We also suggest partnerships with pet-related businesses, such as pet supply stores, grooming salons, and doggy daycares, to reach a wider audience. Discuss the potential for joint educational campaigns, distribution of educational materials, or hosting joint events with them. As a vet, you can emphasize the importance of collaboration in spreading the message effectively.

All about the Heatstroke and Extreme Heat Content Pack for Veterinary Marketing

The good news is that there are 2 packs that will help you educate pet owners on how they can look after their pets in peak summer. Our first content pack is about ‘extreme heat‘ which focuses on telling pet owners about what to do with your pets in extreme summer conditions. Our second content pack is the ‘heatstroke awareness pack‘ which helps pet owners identify the symptoms of heatstroke to look out for in their pets.

The extreme heat content packs have assets for Instagram and Facebook posts, an email script with email banners to help your emails look professional an attractive, posters and flyers to put them up throughout your clinic which is an effective way of veterinary marketing, and a phone hold message. You can download the extreme heat content pack here.

The heatstroke awareness pack have similar assets. You can read about these assets below. You can also download these packs here

How do I use the Vetstoria Content Packs to help with marketing my veterinary clinic ?

Vetstoria’s content packs can be used following these simple steps. 

Step 1: Choose the pack you want, and open the clickable template links. You will be directed to Canva, which allows you to  customize the packs as per your brand guidelines.

We have also included suggested captions or content which you can use. You could also edit our copy or write your own material to suit the needs of your clinic.

Step 2: Export the design as it is, or add your logo, brand colors, and update the text.

Step 3: Download the design for your digital channels, or print physical copies of our poster and flyer designs!

Our content packs provide all the information you need in the form of:

Flyer Utilizing your digital channels is great – but capturing clients when they’re in the clinic is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Share these hand-outs with pet owners as they leave their appointment to help them keep their pet safe. You can use the one you like, change colours & font and make it look as per your liking. Once you are happy, you can download or print your design by clicking the ‘Share’ button in the top right corner of Canva. 

Don’t forget to add a suitable Call to Action. This could be details of where to reach you for example, your phone number or email address. You can also use a QR code which will take your client to your website with more information in hand.  

Front Page: Flyer from the heat pack content pack can be used for effective veterinary marketing
Front Page: Flyer from the heat pack content pack can be used for veterinary marketing
Back Page: Flyer from the heat pack content pack can be used for effective veterinary marketing
Back Page: Flyer from the heat pack content pack can be used for veterinary marketing

Poster You can follow the same steps of creating a flyer mentioned above, to help you with posters. You can either use the information we have provided or edit it to write something else you feel is more important for your clients. Be as creative as you like!

Posters to put out in clinics to educate pet owners about extreme heat for veterinary marketing
Poster template to put out in veterinary clinics to educate pet owners on how to look after pets during extreme heat

Instagram Post- We have included different carousel templates and many independent posts, with suggested captions and titles, within this content pack. Our carousel templates are another handy way to connect with your audience on the platforms they spend time on. Share them in the feed and promote your new posts on your Stories to keep your clients well informed!

Image 1: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 1: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 2: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 2: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 3: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 3: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 4: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 4: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 5: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 5: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 6: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image
Image 6: Extreme heat Instagram carousel image

Facebook Post There are different templates available for a Facebook post with a variety of designs for each. Facebook is a great place to get in front of your clients, so why not take the opportunity to share some important tips? Our pre-made post and Facebook caption makes it easy for you to start connecting with your followers.

Facebook post for extreme heat content packs with suggested caption for effective veterinary marketing
It’s heating up out there! 🌞 With the hot weather coming in, it’s important that you recognize the signs of #heatstroke in your pets. Ensure your pets have access to shade and water at all times, and do what you can to keep them out of the heat!

For personalized advice, book an appointment online. In an emergency, always call the clinic on <CLINIC NUMBER>

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#petsafety #dogsoffacebook

Video Reel Template- If your team enjoys creating video reels, then you’re in luck! Show your clients how much you care by sharing these information about pet first aid kits. Our template shows you exactly what to capture in each shot – you just need to record it! 

Email & Text Messages In this template, we have suggested an email outline that you can follow to let your clients know about the importance of having a pet first aid kit. Email is a great channel to engage your customers and build trust and loyalty. Our pre-written email gives pet owners important tips to keep their pets safe in any emergency. You can use it as is, or make it your own! It is a good practice to email your database from time to time with helpful tips so you can build a relationship with them between visits. 

Email Banners- With your emails, you can attach an informative email banner which gives a professional look for your clients. We have provided a range of options for you.  To keep the transition effect in your email banner, select the ‘GIF’ file type when you download your design. To export a static email banner, simply download as a PNG or JPEG instead. 

Our email banner template can be used as GIFs for better email engagement


By arming veterinary professionals with the knowledge and tools to educate pet owners about extreme heat, we can collectively reduce the risks and protect countless animals. Through brochures, social media, educational events, collaborations, and ongoing initiatives, we can empower pet owners to take proactive measures in ensuring their pets’ well-being during the hot summer months. Let’s work together to safeguard our furry companions from the sweltering heat and ensure their lives are filled with joy and comfort while using these content packs for veterinary marketing.