Veterinary Logos – 20 Compelling Design Ideas For Your Practice

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Your veterinary clinic logo is more important than you think. It’s the first thing that most potential customers are going to see, well before they get a hint of your stellar medicinal skills. So, you want to make sure your logo stands out for effective veterinary marketing. Here are a few great veterinary logos for inspiration.

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Factors to Consider When Creating Your Veterinary Logo for Good Veterinary Marketing

You want your veterinary logo to grab your client’s attention and stick with them so that they remember you the next time they’re in need of veterinary services? Send that message with the following tips:

🟣 Use a color scheme that matches your atmosphere-do you want to convey professionalism, put off a funky vibe, or a caring tone

🟣 An image of an animal goes a long way, otherwise a paw print or a veterinary caduceus may be used but they’re not as memorable

🟣 Be concise with your wording, people don’t want a paragraph

🟣 Promote professionalism

🟣 Customize it to your preferences. If you like Scottish Terriers, use an image of one.

1. GV Vets

GV Vets logo

Designed by:

The above logo shows that GV Vets treat both large and small animals. It is simple and unique with a pleasing color scheme.

2. Vital Pets

Vital Pets logo

Designed by: Carolina Mateos Salmon

This green paw print is very calming yet shows the variety of species that can be treated at this clinic. It also shows the name of the clinic very boldly so that it stands out, which is a great move from veterinary marketing perspective.

3. Animal Care Clinic

Animal Care Clinic logo

Designed by: Matthew Dimmitt

For a simpler design, Animal Care Clinic chooses outlines of animals with their name underneath. It gets right to the point yet has a way of being memorable.

4. Hillcrest Animal Hospital

HillCrest Animal Hospital Logo

Designed by: Laura Guardalabene

This veterinary logo reminds us of the special bond that is shared between animals and adds a small red cross to differentiate a veterinary clinic from some other form of animal care facility.

5. Westshore Veterinary Clinic

WestShore Veterinary Clinic logo

Designed by: Yesim Tuzan

This image just has a nice flow to it making it perfect for a holistic or integrative type of veterinary medicine. Customizing your veterinary logos to fit your specialty will help clients remember what you’re all about.

6. Blakehurst Vet

Blakehurst Vet logo

Designed by: Bossall691

Veterinary logos can be cute and still look professional. This one provides more of an animation but with a simple color scheme. It also has the space for a customized message at the bottom which makes the access to website easier. This is important when looking at different veterinary marketing ideas.

7. Holistika

Holistika Veterinary Services logo

Designed by: Truth & Design

If you’d rather not use an animal image, using a memorable font or emblem can work in the same way.

8. Melba Veterinary Clinic

Melba Veterinary Clinic logo

Designed by: Julia S.

This veterinary clinic wanted to show that it was friendly and family-oriented with a soft and inclusive veterinary logo.

9. Four Labs

Four Labs logo

Designed by: C1k

If you have a great picture or drawing of one of your own pets, this shows how it can be used as a very memorable and unique logo.

10. Vet 2 Home

Vet2Home logo

Designed by: Cooper

For a house call vet, this veterinary logo combines a paw print with a door to symbolize the specialty of their business. The image can still convey their message even without the wording.

11. Lincoln Square Animal Hospital

Lincoln Square Animal Hospital logo

Designed by: tasa

The rainbow coloring on this veterinary logo matches a rainbow mural on the outside of the building making it easy for clients to remember this clinic.

12. All God’s Creatures

All God's Creatures logo

Designed by: agnes design

Nothing says love and care like a subtle heart in a veterinary logo. This combines a heart with silhouetted animals to convey their message.

13. Asheville Animal Acupuncture

Asheville Animal Acupuncture logo

Designed by: KVA

This veterinary logo creates a heart out of animals. It also adds some leaves for a bit of a natural touch that fits with their acupuncture practices.

14. The Pet Clinic

The Pet Clinic logo

Designed by: Art and Pixels

For a nice balance, this veterinary logo combines animals, medicine, and a human hand to show the combination of care that this clinic hopes to take with pets.

15. TFB Equine

TVB Equine logo

Designed by: Painted Pony Studios

This striking, yet simple veterinary logo uses a contrasting background to make their smooth-lined image really stand out.

16. New Leaf

New Leaf logo

Designed by: Alexandru.S

With the coloring and the leaf logo, it’s hard to forget this veterinary clinic’s name. Combining the name of your clinic, if possible, into an image is a great way to stick in client’s minds.

17. Port Orchard Veterinary Clinic

Designed by: Bossall691

Here’s another great combination veterinary logo that conveys happy animals and tranquility. Notice the small medical details as well as the tie-in of the tree with the Port Orchard name.

18. Choice Pets

Designed by: kerman

A nice splash of color and cute imagery helps make this veterinary logo stand out. It also incorporates the name of the clinic in the slogan as a great memory trick.

19. Wine Country Veterinary Hospital

Wine Country Veterinary Hospital logo

Designed by: Creative “Pixel”

Here’s another way of incorporating the name into the image. Even though grapes and animals aren’t really related, it ties the clinic’s name in with the services they provide.

20. Good Vets

Good Vets logo

Designed by: Costin Logopus

This veterinary logo is just so striking with the color scheme and the initial simplicity. However, on closer look the triangle appears like a V for veterinary. There is also room to add a slogan at the bottom.