5 Time-saving Automations for Every Stage of The Clinical Process

Less phone time, more care time.

If this statement appeals to you, you are in the right place. Veterinary client communication software VetCheck and appointment scheduling platform Vetstoria are teaming up to deliver an essential webinar on time-saving automations.

With busy practices and pet ownership on the rise, veterinary professionals must not let the quality of care, customer service and their own well-being get sidelined. Automation has been a key solution in such circumstances for other industries. However, complex clinical workflows are unique to each practice and surely, not every area of veterinary medicine can be automated. Do you just stick to what’s familiar and bury the problem? Definitely not!

This webinar will serve as a rule book on where and how to automate every stage of the clinical process. You’ll only hear tips that are embraced by both the pet-owners and the staff and there is plenty of evidence to support them.

You’ll learn:

  • How to automate the appointment scheduling process while being in full control
  • How automating client communications throughout the whole clinical process by using tools like an appointment scheduling platform, can save you time and reduce client confusion
  • How pre-visit online forms and fact-finding mechanisms benefit everyone
  • Why templates matter in saving time during consult, discharge and post-consult, increasing compliance and improving pet health outcomes 
  • How to engage with your clients between visits and stay front of mind, with little effort
  • The steps it takes to set up these automations and get started immediately