Top 5 Veterinary News Sites You Must Follow to Stay Ahead of the Game

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Now, more than ever, it is vital to keep up with the ever-changing world of veterinary medicine. As a busy veterinary professional with so little free time, you need accurate information in an easy-to-read format that can keep you in the know. We have researched and compiled a list of the top five veterinary news sites that you need to follow every day.

All veterinary practices will benefit from engaging with a veterinary news site. It is estimated that the amount of medical knowledge available to veterinarians is doubling every three months. For a profession now faced with an unprecedented number of patients, as well as a severe staffing crisis, the struggle to keep up can be overwhelming. When the complications and uncertainty of the pandemic are added in, running a veterinary practice in these times can seem almost impossible. A trusted and comprehensive veterinary news site is invaluable to today’s modern practice.

Benefits of following veterinary news sites:

🟣 Staying up to date on local, national, and global veterinary news

🟣 Acquiring tips for running the practice more efficiently and with more profit

🟣 Medical advances and breakthroughs for patients

🟣 Continuing education to meet licensing requirements

🟣 Mental Health resources for the well-being of team members

🟣 An outlet to share and promote hospital news and events

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1. Veterinary Practice News

Veterinary Practice News (VPN) offers timely news, practice management tips, educational articles, and more. They are a one-stop-shop for all a veterinary practice’s needs, and they keep practices in the know with news updates multiple times a week. The site is easy to navigate as it is broken down into individual topics of interest. This takes readers directly and quickly to their search. Veterinary news from the United States is the main focus, with both small and large animal and exotic medicine being thoroughly covered. Recent topics of interest covered by VPN include The University of Wisconsin and UC Davis being recognized by AAVMC and an excellent article about improving the team culture in your practice. This site’s classified section is a great area to place an advertisement looking to fill an open veterinarian or support staff role to complete a hospital’s team.

2. Today’s Veterinary Practice

Today’s Veterinary Practice (TVP) presents relevant and up-to-date veterinary news and clinical research in an easy-to-access format. With four major sections that are then further divided into topics of interest and a special section just for updates on the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic, TVP is an outstanding resource. The news section is updated frequently throughout the month with relevant items to keep practices abreast of the latest developments. These stories cover not only events in the US, where the news site is based, but also important stories such as the recent naming of Dr. Siraya Chunekamrai as WSAVA President. Additionally, TVP has a wonderful section of client education handouts printed directly from the website, in color, and used to enhance practice-client relations.

3. Veterinary Practice

In the UK, Veterinary Practice (VP) offers a comprehensive site for relevant veterinary news and clinical practice topics. The site is straightforward to navigate, with eight main sections, including a dedicated area just for veterinary nurses. An additional bonus to the Veterinary Practice news site is its focus on the mental well-being of the veterinary team. There is a section of the site wholly devoted to mental health with engaging and informative articles to aid veterinary practices in caring for the mental health of their teams. As this profession continues to take a heavy toll on team members and sadly, the suicide rate amongst veterinary professionals is climbing, these types of resources are becoming invaluable.

4. DVM360

DVM360 has it all. This site has news, links to many other veterinary publications, articles for veterinarians and technicians, continuing education, and a section for business. To make navigation a breeze, the site is divided into topics along the top navigation bar, and alternatively, can be searched by role categories such as “owner,” “associate,” “practice manager,” “technician,” or “student” along the left sidebar. An additional unique feature of DVM360 is a section for continuing education (CE) conferences and an area for online CE. The news section is updated frequently with national and international news and includes a beneficial feature, the “Weekly News Wrap-up.” This summary of each week’s news events is found at the very top of the general news section and is a quick and easy way to stay updated with all the top veterinary news.

5. VIN News Service

Trusted by veterinarians for years, VIN News Service is a free online veterinary news site that strives to cover topics that other news sites often overlook. As if the writers have an inside track, the hot topics in the industry are frequently broken here first, before they become the next big story in the veterinary world. Nevertheless, the news provided by VIN News is always timely and relevant and should be on the reading list of every veterinary practice. Reading VIN News Service is a great way to know about breaking news before it breaks. The site is formatted in a simple, easy-to-read format that can quickly scan for articles of interest. There are also categories available for searching and links to other high-quality veterinary blogs of interest.

Final thoughts

Running a busy veterinary practice is time-consuming, but staying up to date by reading veterinary news every day is definitely worth the time and effort. These sites keep veterinarians and their teams on top of current trends and therapies in the field, no matter how busy they are. Continuing education opportunities, both online and at conferences, can be accessed, saving time and money. Moreover, the best business practices and client education resources are easily accessible to improve a clinic’s day-to-day efficiency and profitability. These sites can even be collaborated with to announce practice happenings such as new services, the addition of doctors or locations, or open positions. Veterinary news sites are a treasure trove of information and should be utilized to their full potential by every veterinary practice.