What’s new with Vetstoria’s Appointment Scheduling Platform: Our Q3 update

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Fall is here. For some, it’s the season of pumpkin spice lattes. For some, it’s the color of leaves changing.

For some, it’s this.

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But for most of you, your workload is piling up (like the leaves), so here are some updates we’ve added to Vetstoria’s appointment scheduling platform in the past 3 months to make your life better.

What’s new

● Seamless synchronization with IDEXX Cornerstone templates

 Seamless synchronization with IDEXX Cornerstone templates with effective appointment scheduling

Unmatched appointments due to differently named IDEXX Cornerstone templates and appointment types on Vetstoria? With this update, templates will easily sync with Vetstoria, displaying all the availability you mark on your Cornerstone. This will include the block-offs and matching appointment types with Vetstoria to offer pet owners maximum availability.

● New appointment scheduling option: Test my settings

New appointment scheduling page

In your dashboard under “schedule appointment”, you can now test changes as soon as you make them. Once you click on this, you will be redirected to the same experience as “Schedule as a pet owner”. This will help the front desk staff to check a setting once they make a particular change quickly.

● Masking pet owner’s details in for increased security

Masking pet owner’s details in for increased security for secured appointment scheduling

When smart links are integrated for pet owners to book their vaccines (with integrations such as RxWorks and iRecall), their personal information is automatically populated. While this is convenient for the pet owner, the visible data could lead to their PII being vulnerable. So due to increased security, the pet owner’s information will be masked, making the booking process quicker for the pet owner.

● Booking confirmation clause

Booking confirmation clause at the new Vetstoria's appointment scheduling platform

During the booking process, you may need to ensure that pet owners notice terms of service, privacy statements, or confirm their age or other vital details to get pet owner consent.

For such instances, we have now introduced the “booking information clause,” where you can add such statements via system messages on your dashboard. This will be visible during the “pet owner information” step of the booking process so completing the booking process would confirm their acknowledgment of such statements.

● Two-factor authentication for improved security

We made accessing your Vetstoria even safer. When you log in, you will receive a one-time unique authentication code to your email after entering your email address and password. This keeps your platform and pet information safe from 3rd parties trying to gain access to your system.

We added better features to our appointment scheduling platform

● The new client form now supports over seven languages.

Better features added with Vetstoria's appointment scheduling software

Our new client form is dubbed a “game-changer” because it genuinely eliminates front desk staff time from contacting new pet owners to get additional information. We now provide the new client form in languages including German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Mandarin, and Czech so more practices can gain the advantage.

● Floating button positioning

Floating Button Featured Image

Our floating button helps pet owners book appointments quickly. This helps to reduce the number of calls you get, and more practices have seen online appointments increasing by 13% a month. The new enhancement enables you to adjust the position of the floating button, allowing you to tweak its position around other important elements of your website.

● Relabelling of “scheduling with override” and “schedule with rules” for easy understanding

In case “schedule with override” and “Schedule with rules” were confusing, We relabelled these two essential functions on your dashboard, so it’s easier to grasp. Schedule as staff’ (formerly schedule with override) allows staff members to schedule on behalf of the pet owner anywhere in their schedule, whereas ‘schedule as a pet owner’ (schedule with rules) means the staff member has to follow the same rules as a pet owner.

Appointment Scheduling with rules

Therefore, we renamed it as

○ Schedule with override ➜ Schedule as staff
○ Schedule with rules ➜ Schedule as pet owners

If you need help setting up and or learning more about these features, our support team would be happy to help you. You can also book a demo with one of our team members.