Online booking software for vets

The only automated way to book appointments 24/7 without having to change your process

No more answering unnecessary calls, fixing mistakes, or coordinating appointments manually – more time to focus on delivering excellent pet care and growing your business.


Works 24/7, no effort needed

Pet owners expect convenience and your staff are busier than ever. Vetstoria works in the background 24/7 as your virtual booking assistant.


Built by vets, for vets

Each practice is different, which is why our founders (two vets) made Vetstoria the most customizable veterinary platform on earth.


We help you set it up

Our friendly team works closely with you to configure the platform to match your existing booking process from day one.

Over 6000 practices globally use Vetstoria to reduce calls and provide great pet owner experiences

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Over 5000 practices trust Vetstoria to provide great booking experiences for their customers

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"People are booking continuously on Vetstoria. It's cut our phone calls by at least 60%. Clients find it very easy to use and are loving it!"

"People are booking continuously on Vetstoria. It's cut our phone calls by at least 60%. Clients find it very easy to use and are loving it!"

Martin Brice, Owner & Veterinarian

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The Problem

Your practice is busier than ever, what are you doing about it?

Still scheduling appointments manually?

If you are managing schedules and responding to appointment requests manually, or taking bookings and payments over the phone, it’s:

❌  Impossible to scale

❌  Consuming hours of unnecessary time each week

❌  Prone to human error

❌  Inconvenient for you and your customers

❌  Making you miss out on potential revenue

Or using tools that don’t fit your practice?

If you’re using web forms, communication apps, or “all-in-one” software that offer “online booking”, remember, unlike Vetstoria, it’s not their specialty. Therefore they:

❌  Lack real customization, and you lose control

❌  Create more work for your team

❌  Are not entirely automated, as they lack integrations

❌  Are inconvenient for pet owners (especially when logins or downloads are required)

Here’s how to fully automate appointment scheduling (so you can focus on what matters)

Set it up once and it works for you 24/7!

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Step 1

Connect with your practice management software

Sync with your practice management system to allow your clients to book appointments online straight into your practice calendar in real-time. No double bookings or calendar conflicts.

Our team works with you to get this done with little effort!

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Step 2

Create scheduling rules and customize branding

Take 100% control over your online booking process and branding by setting your preferences in the user-friendly Vetstoria dashboard. It’s built for your needs, not the other way around!

We will guide you through this on a short setup call.

Step 3

Accept appointment bookings anywhere online

Enable online booking on your website with just one line of code, or share booking links in reminders, emails, SMS, social profiles, or webchat.

You can even accept secure online payments and host video consultations with Vetstoria. It’s built to make life easier for your team and clients.

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Step 4

Get detailed insights to keep your practice running smoothly

See how your clients are booking (including popular times, appointment types, species, devices and more). Learn exactly how to allocate resources, and measure growth with user-friendly reports.

Increase efficiency, delight clients, and grow your business

Integrate Vetstoria, enjoy success

Over 6,000 practices across the globe supercharge their practice management systems by connecting Vetstoria. Learn how practices like yours use the veterinary industry's leading platform.

Customer Story

Emersons Green reduces call volume by 60% with Vetstoria and boosts team productivity

Customer Story

Common Companion Vet Co launches with Vetstoria & grows monthly revenue by 1300%

See Vetstoria in action

Book a 30-minute demo with Vetstoria today to see how your practice can save hours every month, provide a better service and acquire more clients.

✅ One-time, stress-free setup with dedicated onboarding support

✅ No contracts - switch or cancel anytime

✅ Fully customizable, tailored for your practice

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During the demo, we’ll evaluate your current process, problems, and goals, show you how Vetstoria could help, and answer any questions you have.