Is Positive Workplace Culture Still Possible In Veterinary Practices?

You’ll learn:

  • What workplace culture currently looks like in the practice
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected teams
  • The impact that workplace culture has on performance (productivity & the recruitment crisis)
  • What management teams can do to help
  • The role that technology plays in facilitating a positive culture

Talk summary:

Stress, long hours, and feeling undervalued. Just a few of the negatives that veterinary professionals have put up with every day, and we thought it couldn’t get any worse until COVID-19 hit.

Some practices have furloughed staff while creating more work for their teams by bringing outsourced processes in-house. Pet owners are complaining, frustrated by new safety measures, reduced service levels, and limited communication. Sadly, those working in practices are feeling the full effect.

We must act quickly and decisively to facilitate a positive work culture (despite the challenges) within the practice. And our panelists have experienced both ends of the spectrum.

This webinar will be hosted by Victoria Deamer-Smith (RVN), Client Advocacy Manager at Vetstoria, and will feature the personal stories of Kathryn Powell who until recently worked at a practice based in Austin, Texas, and Leah Paskell (RVN), District Manager at UK-based emergency veterinary organization, Vets Now.