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A world where your customers can book appointments anytime, anywhere, and you can see availability & wastage of appointments across your portfolio of hospitals.

Real-time online booking, synced with over 30 PIMs, to give you control and visibility over your hospitals’ schedules.

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Most are aware why online booking is now a must have in veterinary hospitals, but why Vetstoria specifically?

We sync with your PIMS in real-time.

This means that when a customer is booking an appointment with you, you control the availability they can see – Vetstoria will check this with your PIMs twice per booking to ensure there are no conflicts in scheduling.

Your team will no longer need to handle non-urgent calls, perform manual appointment reminders or untangle a mess of double booked appointments.

We have a powerful tool called the Fill Rate Platform.

This allows you to see data across all 750+ of your hospitals in real-time. You can easily view their used vs wasted capacity, availability rate, same day appointment rate and lots of other data.

This can help you prioritize support and recruitment, direct marketing spend and allow you to measure ROI across the hospitals you have acquired.

Extreme customization.

With Vetstoria you can customize exactly who can book an appointment, when, and with which Doctor. If you don’t like doing vaccinations on a Friday afternoon – fine. If Dr Smith doesn’t enjoy working with birds – great, you can exclude availability for birds for Dr Smith. If you want to hold four spaces a day for emergencies – this is doable. Unsure about taking on any new customers for the next 30 days? Perfect – you can set all of these rules and hundreds more to perfectly customize Vetstoria to each hospital.

Our world class customer support team.

Meet your Vetstoria team:

They’ll get you set up super quickly, and talk you through our tried and tested ways of easily onboarding hospitals across large corporates.

If you’re someone who enjoys data, check out these stats about online booking…


of new client appointments are made online


of online appointments are made outside of office hours


of online appointments are made via a mobile device


of pet owners are satisfied with appointments they book online

Emily Arnold

"Veterinary professionals should consider a solution like Vetstoria because it’s a time-saving tool and helps you tap into the revenue you miss from potential out-of-hours bookings, which amounts to 40% of the total bookings a practice would get."

Emily Arnold, Senior Director - Marketing, Lakefield Veterinary Group

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