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Get a better handle on your phone call volume! Vetstoria will automate your entire appointment booking process
so pet owners can book appointments based on the preferences you set!

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Reduce no shows and repetitive work for your teams while earning more revenue!

Real-time online booking

Increase pet owner satisfaction with 24/7 booking. Sync your hospital schedules with your PIMS in real-time and offer availability based on team preferences.

Online payments

Reduce no shows easily. Charge a deposit or the full payment before the appointment for guaranteed revenue.

Analytics and reporting

Easily measure the performance of each hospital with data readily available on your dashboard.

Digital Marketing

Get new customers with custom campaigns.

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Want better visibility of all hospital schedules in your portfolio?

Introducing the Fill Rate platform, where you can see the availability of each hospital in your group easily so you can make informed decisions when deciding schedules and marketing budgets. You will be able to,

     Improve the allocation of your marketing spend

     Make informed decisions on hiring and scheduling

     Reduce team burnout and attrition rates

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Want helpful templates to communicate with pet owners?

Introducing our content packs, editable and easy to customize promotional material that you can use for your campaigns to get more clients.  

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How did Petsadena Animal Hospital reduce their phone call volume with Vetstoria?

Liliana Mercado, Practice Manager at Petsadena wanted to reduce their phone call volume so they started using Vetstoria.

Vetstoria is so customizable that it can integrate perfectly with your Practice Management System and allow clients to book appointments in real-time.

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We integrate with 30+ practice management systems to automate scheduling and save hours for your team and pet owners.