7 Features Your Appointment Scheduling Software Must Have

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Online appointment scheduling software is a must for your clinic. Try Vetstoria

Having a successful appointment scheduling service can make all the difference for your clinic and add thousands in revenue every year. So we’ve decided to share with you the key features to look for in your online booking system to make sure it offers everything you need to boost your appointments.

1. Real-time online booking

This will be the core product you’re subscribing to, allowing customers to make appointments online. Real-time online booking would mean pet owners get instant confirmation of the appointment and your staff wouldn’t have to intervene as the customizations and availability are already in place. Here at Vetstoria we use a 4 step process to allow bookings to be made easily on mobile and tablet (where 60% of all online bookings are made). But there are other options on offer, so do your research into what booking style is best for you – feel free to get in touch if you have specific questions.

2. Auto sync with clinic software or schedule (Practice Management Software)

A fairly simple feature, this takes online bookings and adds them seamlessly into your practice management software calendar or diary simultaneously to ease the workload on your front desk. Vetstoria integrates with over 30 PIMS. Have a look here.

3. Fully customize to your appointment scheduling preferences

We understand that your clinic is unique and that your consultation organization could be complex. So you need a system that can be tailored to fit in with your specific requirements and website.

1. The appointment types can be configured to be breed-specific. So, puppy vaccinations will not be offered if a client selects ‘cat’.

2. Each vet can be set up with their own preferences (helpful if some vets do not see all species).

3. Allow customers to book in with a specific vet of their choice.

4. Single species consultancy windows can be set up for specialist hours (helpful if you want to run a cat-only hour for example).

4. Unlimited calendar capabilities

Your online booking system should offer unlimited calendars. This way your practice can continue to grow without you having to worry about any additional future costs.

5. Digital marketing capabilities with Vetstoria’s appointment scheduling software

The Vetstoria booking process can be fully embedded within your own website. It can also be fully customized to showcase the branding of your website. Featuring an array of color and style options, we want our booking system to fit seamlessly into your website.

Vetstoria's appointment scheduling software to help you with digital marketing
Vetstoria’s appointment scheduling software

Vetstoria is implemented this way in order to boost your Google ranking, making your website more visible and therefore bringing in more revenue from google. This is unlike other online booking services which typically operate on a separate site and hosts a variety of vet practices – many of whom will be your competitors. This has the potential to drive traffic away from your site.

The best directory for your practice is Google. Ask yourself where you go to find a new service or product online? This is why you should focus on boosting your Google ranking as much as possible!

6. Rescheduling

Missed appointments lead to lost revenue. Because giving your clients the option to reschedule online decreases the number of no-shows.

It may seem like the bare minimum to be expected of your online booking provider. However, not all services offer rescheduling, and some only offer a cancellation and rebooking. Rescheduling on Vetstoria is a simple process for pet owners. This reduces the amount of missed appointments whilst also making sure your front desk doesn’t have to get involved with the rescheduling process.

7. Revenue Boosting Analytics with Vetstoria’s appointment scheduling software

Using our analytics engine you will be able to see everyone that books online using our system. Most importantly we’ll show you the number of new customers coming into your practice through online appointment scheduling software. Allowing you to boost the revenue brought into your practice every month.