We Revamped Our Booking Experience!

3 min read

In a nutshell: Our new look is built on the latest design standards, so it’s extra mobile friendly, web accessibility compliant and has faster loading times. We also updated our new client form so you can get additional information from new pet owners and ensure they share it before they complete their online booking.

A good user experience can help increase website conversions by 200%. Also, users are 5 times more likely to abandon a task if the site is not optimized for mobile. As always, we want to continue making online booking appointments as easy as possible for pet owners. And that would mean fewer phone calls for you.  

So, what did we change?

We completely revamped our pet owner online booking experience (user interface) using the latest design standards.

This means, 

  • That the online booking platform is extra mobile-friendly, improving the display of time slots you offer to pet owners. This includes seeing the first available slot as soon as the time selection screen loads and which days have availability.
  • The platform looks extra sleek and modern. So it aligns well with the look of your website. 
  • Web Accessibility Compliant so even more pet owners can easily access online booking.

The revamp also facilitated a change you wanted us to make to the new client form.

What’s new with the new client form

Previously, the new client form appeared after pet owners confirmed the appointment, which caused a few drop-offs. Now, the new client information is collected before pet owners confirm their appointment. 

We added extra fields like previous vet or doctor details, date of birth or age of the pet and even capture consent to share marketing information and sign up for wellness plans. This makes it easier to reach out to pet owners for future communication.

Why is this revamp good for your practice?

Mobile bookings are continuing to increase – our data in 2022 shows that 63% of pet owners make their online bookings via a mobile device, so improving the mobile-friendliness of our platform is a step in the right direction. 

  • Improved visual design that fits better with modern websites like yours. 
  • Pet owners will find it easier to use it on more devices. 
  • Reduce drop-offs with an improved display of time slot availability (New time slot screen design).
  • Increase new client form completion rates enabling pet owners to share their information before confirming the appointment. 

We’d love to hear what you think of the booking experience, let us know at support@vetstoria.com. If you want to read about why you need a real-time online scheduling software, click here.

If you’re new to Vetstoria – feel free to book a demo, and we will show you how it can help your practice become a digital-friendly practice for pet owners.