New Content Packs- An Easy Marketing Tool for Veterinary Clinics

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The importance of marketing for Veterinary practices

Whether you’ve recently launched your business or have been in practice for 20-plus years, marketing your veterinary practice is crucial. While loyal customers should always come first, marketing can help your practice grow by acquiring new clients and converting existing ones into loyal evangelists for your clinic. Good marketing ensures a practice’s long-term success with offline mediums like print, and online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

The current problem with marketing in practices? No one has time to do it!  

For many practices, certain questions may arise  – How do I promote my practice when I don’t have the time to? Is marketing really a necessity? Aren’t I doing enough with existing pet owners? The reality is, with rapidly growing competition in the veterinary industry, not attracting and retaining pet owners can prove detrimental to the health of your practice. 

But with limited time and resources, how can your practice run regular promotional campaigns? 

Introducing: Vetstoria Content Packs

Vetstoria Content Packs are designed for those practices who don’t have the time to create marketing materials from scratch. Now you can quickly and easily run promotional campaigns and share important information with pet owners on an ongoing basis. We’re hoping our content packs will support you in boosting customer retention and client acquisition without adding additional workload for your team.

Free Content Packs from Vetstoria

How to use the content packs

Vetstoria’s content packs are completely editable Canva templates that allow you to follow an easy three step process:

  1. Select the pack you want, and open the clickable template link.
Customizable template links for any marketing pack
  1. Use the templates as they are, or add your logo, brand colors and update the text to suit you.
Design your content pack to suit your brand
  1. Download the design for social media, or print and mail physical copies direct to your clinic!
Upload your designs on social media, print them or mail them to your clients.

And just like that, your promotional marketing materials are ready in minutes. Oh and did we mention that these are completely free to use? Yes, it’s FREE

You can get access to our content packs by visiting our content packs page.

To learn more about how to customize your content packs, you can watch the video below.

Customers get more out of Vetstoria’s Content Packs

If you are already a Vetstoria customer, then you can get even more out of these content packs by easily adding your online booking QR codes to your designs. 

You can create Vetstoria QR codes using our digital marketing feature, which allows you to:

  1. Create online booking campaigns that follow set scheduling rules based on your preferred dates and other factors.
  1. Track the performance of your QR codes on offline or online promotional material to easily measure the results of your campaigns.
  1. See how many appointments and new clients are generated from each campaign, and learn which channels are most effective.

Have an idea for a content pack?

We’re only just getting started! If there’s a pack you want us to see that would support your team’s marketing efforts, let us know here.

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