Google My Business for Veterinary Practices

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Google My Business Header

Google My Business is an excellent way to find new customers for your practice. But setting up your page correctly and ranking high on google can sometimes seem overwhelming. We’ve created this post to walk you through the important features that will help boost your appointments!

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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business displays some key information about your practice as a snippet on the google results page for your area. It’s a free tool – and also allows you to monitor the performance of the listing. This makes it a lot easier for you to test ideas for increasing your bookings.

Google my business can display customer reviews, address, opening hours, contact details, website URL and directions to your practice. Google My Business can also provide a direct link to your online booking widget on your website. Clients reach this by clicking the ‘appointments:’ section on the listing itself. Google is the most important directory your clinic could be listed on. That’s why you should focus on boosting your SEO and rising up the google rankings.


There is also a ‘Popular Times’ feature that shows when your clinic is busiest. This drives customers to visit during quieter hours so they are more likely to schedule appointments for your quieter times.

Google My Business offers you a chance to show off your unique personality and branding through your interactions with your customers. This video from Google reflects the way in which you can use Google My Business to shape your clinic’s identity:

How will this help gain clients?

As our studies show – 17% of bookings made online are made by new customers. This is a direct result of the increased visibility of your website to people searching on google and this figure will be directly influenced by your google ranking.

As well as an easy to access booking link, Google My Business also shows client reviews for your clinic – reflecting the good work that your practice does, and showcasing it to prospective customers.

Mobile Friendly

Over 55% of all bookings made online are via a mobile or tablet device. So it’s essential to make sure that your Google My Business listing works well on mobile searches. With the contact details and crucially the appointment link featured right at the top of the listing.

To make the most of this we’ve made sure our booking software works perfectly on mobile to encourage users to complete their booking. We believe that building a mobile-friendly platform is crucial to appeal to the younger audience which is your emerging customer base, with over 50% of pet owners under the age of 35.